Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Matters of Morality

Doing the right thing.

One of R's workmates gave out christmas cards at work. R and one of his workmates, K, have had issues with this person over the past year. But the christmas card giver was kind enough to give them a card, except, while everyone else's had their name on their card, neither R's nor K's did. I suppose it is showing displeasure without being too challenging.

A friend is having a party soon. She has put a strict limit on the number of guests. I am not sure how she prioritized the guest list as a couple of people we know quite well and who have given her hospitality over the last year are not invited.

But I iz not without blame, maybe. I was in the supermarket and I was paying for a substantial number of groceries when the woman behind me asked if I had a Flybuy Card and if not could she use her card to collect my unwanted points. I was taken a bit aback and looked to the checkout chap for guidance as I was sure that it would not be allowed by the supermarket, but he looked away. If in doubt say no is my motto, so I did say no.

While I think it is an incredibly cheeky thing for her to do, do you think I was being mean by not allowing her to collect my points since I did not want them?


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    They were your Flybuys to dispose of as you wished. The points would have done this woman some good, but you were not obliged to give this woman your freebies.

    Almost sounds like the stem cell debate...

    PS: I'm not sure, but can you even use someone else's Flybuys?

  2. I think that comes under the heading of presumptious and really deserved a Jane Austen put-down.

    But if she had been a rather hot looking he then it was worth a cup of coffee.

  3. No real reason why not Captain, but I would have thought it was against store policy.

    Ah, you think I am so shallow Jahteh, but you have given me and idea. If it happens again, I will ask for two bucks.

  4. Sorry I think thats quite rude of her to even ask.

    I for one wouldn't even offer that, if it was family member or partner sure but sorry strangers shouldn't be so presumptuous in the expectation.

    Then again maybe its my age and how I was brought up, but some people have more front than Myer.

  5. Wow, how much gall can someone have! I think you did the right thing Andrew. I would let a friend cash in on my shopping if they were right next to me, as I don't have a Flybys card..but not a stranger.

  6. Thanks Favourite and Cazzie. I am not so bad then.

  7. What is a Flybuy card and why are there points?

  8. Customer loyalty card. You accumulate points and they are credited when you pay. The more you buy, the more the points. We used one for about five years in supermarket and liquor shop and bought some furniture, we receive a $200 voucher or something. Not worth the effort.

  9. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I do that. Usually the checkout chick asks for fly buys and when the punter in front says no they don't have one, I say 'allow me' and quickly scan my card. Then it's too late for anyone to do anything about it :)

    It helps stuff up their stats, which can only be a good thing - one minute I'm buying branded products, the next I'm buying generics, and all different stuff that doesn't go together. Must confuse the hell out of the marketers when they're working out what advertising to send me. Fabulous.

  10. And if you did that to me Ender, I would turn around and kick you in the balls.