Sunday, December 02, 2007

Life is good on a Sunday

After a serious/minor argument four days ago, R has finally deigned to speak to me again today and cook me a meal. I was in serious danger of losing weight. Fritatta and salad tasted so good. Talking was even better. Dinner last night with the brother friends at The Palmerston after their return from Thailand was good, and cake and coffee back home very nice.

We did over half the christmas present shopping, we did the christmas cards (R did the writing, I did the labels), I started the two day christmas cake making, I finally finished up putting the travel diary onto the pc, I almost finished reading the book from our friend in Japan. Ironing is done. Kitchen is neat. Air con is keeping us comfortable. Clothes washing for tomorrow is planned in my head. Caught up reading newspapers. Not too many books on hold and bookmarked.

I have learned over the years to put aside the brandy in a sealed jar for the christmas cake and so no need to buy another bottle to finish the cake tomorrow.

I am getting quite excited by the o/s trip to old Blighty next year. I will just add it to the debt that the nieces/nephews will inherit. What a surprise to them. They think they will get a smart apartment on St Kilda Road, then they find out it is mortgaged to the hilt. Marvellous. (I thought Uncle Andrew was rich? Kind of, but he had bills.)

I am thinking of leaving money to an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, but not sure. They better have a good website.


  1. Last time I attempted to bake for Christmas,everyone was drunk after eating just 1 of my mince pies!
    Soaking dried fruit in 700ml of Bundy rum for a month isn't as good as it sounds LOL.
    You're off to the UK? You lucky thing!

  2. Post me a mince pie pls Jayne.

  3. Living is Detail2:03 pm

    Do you make Christmas puddings as well Andrew? I remember helping my mother to go through that whole process and then hanging them to mature. They were yum but it always stressed her out. Now she buys hers from a local bakery. Never the same but no stress. Love Xmas pudding with white sauce.

    Jayne, those mince pies sound fantastic.

    living is detail

  4. No LiD. Mum makes the pudding, although I have the recipe just in case. She too gets stressed making it, but so far she manages it well. I just whacked the cake in the oven and I consider making the cake 'a large project'. See how it is in three hours time.

  5. Paragraph 2 is a real got-my-shit-together clincher! We thought about selling our house and moving on a few years ago but decided against it: we thought we'd never be able to get the place tidy enough to sell!

  6. Haha Lad. If we were all the same, what a boring world it would be. Just don't look in our cupboards or under furniture.

  7. That elephant orphanage in Nairobbery has got to be a scam.
    Can't you find an Australian elephant orphanage for your bequest?

  8. You are soooo far ahead of me on the Christmas game!

  9. That was Sunday Ann. You know how shallow I am. I am onto something else, but if you hear of an elephant orphanage in Australia, do let me know.

    Pretty well all in a day Daisy Jo, but well planned in advance.

  10. "After a serious/minor argument four days ago, R has finally deigned to speak to me again today.." Ignoring a partner or a loved one using silence is emotionally abusive. It is no different Andrew to being told you are "stupid" or "hopeless" all the time.

    I understand why you lose yourself in blogging.

    Take care, Denys.

  11. Thanks Denys. It is a bit more complex than can be explained in a few written lines, but your point re abuse is correct.

  12. Gosh, I ought to have just looked up The Palmy here on your site...that is if I were stalking you Andrew (hehe, runs and hides).

  13. Should be more than just this recent post Cazzie.


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