Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iconic Women

I am trying to think of some Melbourne iconic men and none immediately come to mind. But a few iconic Melbourne women do. Add some more or dis me for my choices. Got to be living ones though.

Mirka Mora. One of the last of our bohemians surely. She is a treasure and a naughty one at that. She represents so much that I love about Melbourne.
Joan Kirner. She has worked tirelessly for good causes and I like her political perspectives. It is not fair to judge her in her role as Premier of this state when she was handed such a poisoned chalice.
Jean McLean. A still surviving red ragger and a woman who did as much as anyone did to stop the Vietnam War and a mover in 'Save Our Sons'. How many times did she get locked up?
Rachel Berger. Loud, Jewish, funny, and in there raising funds for, and awareness of HIV. A real friend to the gays of Melbourne.
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. I don't like what she stands for and I don't like philanthropy, except for non essential matters, but she surely deserves the status of iconic.
Elizabeth Chong. East meets west very easily when it is about food. As an umpteen generation Australian with an Aussie accent, she bridges any perceived gap.
Stephanie Alexander. Speaking of food, she ought to be Melbourne's food ambassador. Not sure if I like her, but I certainly respect her.
There is one in the very back of my mind, but I cannot recall who she is. Tell me.

Later Edit:
Now I recall and this was the person who inspired the post. Rose Chong. Most of you won't know who she is, but every half decent drag queen, person of the theatre and serious fancy dresser in Melbourne knows who she is. Definitely iconic.
Much later edit:

Does anyone in Melbourne not know who Magda Subanski is? Comedian, actor, activist and a lot of fun.


  1. certainly very informative for me. tnxx Andrew!


  2. Thanks Keshi. Updated now with pictures.

  3. Anonymous6:18 pm

    What a great list Andrew. Can I add Magda Szubanski. I think she is iconic.


  4. Yep LiD. A worthy addition who I will add. More folks.

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  7. Ah, marvellous poker machines, transferring the money from the poor to our state government to be spent to benefit me. Gamble more pls.

  8. Joan was definitely 'handed a poisoned chalice' - glad you said that.

    Mirka's husband still owes me the promised tips from my 1967 waitressing at Tolarno. And the kitchen there was FILTHY. That's how one gets rich.

    I went to the first Save Our Sons demo - it was at Swan Street Barracks at 6am, possibly in 1966?
    If the mothers had been sent to Vietnam, the war would have ended in a week: there is nothing more vicious than a woman whose baby is threatened by the call-up.

    Another Stephanie, Stephanie Deste, was an icon in an earlier time, when 'female indulgences' were the preserve of only the wealthy. and LillianWightman (but not GeorginaWeir)

    1. My elderly companion worked as a hair dresser for Stephanie Deste in Elizabeth Street Melbourne.

    2. My elderly companion worked as a hair dresser for Stephanie Deste in Elizabeth Street Melbourne.

    3. Thanks. I have just done a little research on Stephanie. Interesting character.

  9. Stephanie Deste is a new on on me. Better do some research.