Friday, December 07, 2007

Green Groceries

I have never liked buying green groceries from a supermarket. I know they are expensive and I would not say they are any better, in fact I think often worse. I will admit that supermarket fruit and vegetables look good.

R does most of the food shopping and after we moved here from Balaclava, he reverted to buying f&v in the supermarket. I have on the odd occasion too. There is quite a good Asian run f&v shop in Chapel Street, cheap and mostly good quality but oh so crowded. Makes it really hard work, so we stopped going there.

Then a new one opened that has an entrance off the Prahran Coles/Safeway car park. It too is Asian run and we went there the second day after it opened and it was pretty chaotic. We were also overcharged for two items. I suggested they were teething troubles, but R went back to the supermarket.

He is now a convert to this newish shop. He gave it another go and could not believe how cheap it was, how tasty the tomatoes were, how the produce sometimes did not look so great, but was otherwise excellent.

And how to judge a good fruit and vegetable shop? If there are plenty of ethnic Europeans and ethnic Asians shopping there, you are pretty well guaranteed it will be good.

Still have to watch them with the tills like a hawk though, but it is the same in the supermarket. Peanuts scanned as cashews indeed.


  1. "One must always keep an eye on their nuts, especially when handled by others"

  2. I am pretty good with nuts. Shape and texture tell me a lot. Taste only confirms.

  3. I buy mine from a lil Asian shop too, their stuff does taste much nicer. I saw something on tv once about the way supermarkets store their fruit and veg for months... it keeps them looking good but it difinitely does somethign to the taste.

  4. The lil Asian shops seem to get their produce direct from growers on a very frequent basis,hence the taste and texture is preserved and the price is cheaper as they aren't paying for cold storage.
    Mine is even better as I pick it straight from my garden LOL.

  5. Gee, seems we might be all lost without our Asian green grocers. I would think Asian gg are supplied often by Asian growers.

  6. Yes, the smaller green grocer are the best for sure, the smell of the food and the longevity of it once it gets home, no comparison to "The Fresh Food People" crappola they have now..bananas going black in 2 days...apples showing their bruises overnight.

  7. Need to go back a few years Cazzie, to when f&v was much better than not. I suppose you had good stuff when your Dad had the SM Market stall.