Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friend of a friend

Our Brother friends both have Thai boyfriends in Thailand. They see them twice a year. The boyfriends are not money boys as they are now too old now to be money boys. Instead they are faithful partners to our brother friends.

This amused me a great deal:

Friend, Hi my sweetheart

Thai, Hello my darling

Friend, How is bar going (that he paid for to be set up, a local bar for local people)

Thai, Close three day, election

Andrew to friend, why close for elections?

Friend, it is a matter of security I think.

Andrew, lucky they don't celebrate christmas.

Friend, they do. Bar is christmas decorated.

Thai politics are very complicated. I am lucky that I have a Thai workmate who gives me explanations that cut through the bull dust.


  1. So cute, wish I heard this convo :)

  2. I sometimes wish OUR elections were dangerous ... for some of the candidates.

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and all good things.

  3. You can almost set your watch by Thai coups. I hope this latest result delivers stable democracy. Have you ever noticed how often porn appears in Thai womens' names? Must research that.