Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fire and Flood

Bit wet today hey fellow Melburnians. It is not the first time I have seen the road below flood. Last time some teens tried swimming, but too much traffic today.

I had never heard of these devices before we moved here. They are known as spitters and a cheap way of doing plumbing. They could not handle the volume of water and so water just poured everywhere. In case you think someone could get very wet if standing below the spitters, by the time the water reaches the ground, it has broken up into large droplets. However, a gust of wind nearly blew the stream in our open balcony door.
No sooner had the rain stopped and something caught fire. I am guessing it is somewhere in Windsor.


  1. I'm banging together a biggish boat as a little white dove mentioned something to me about 40 days of rain....

  2. Anonymous9:53 pm

    I was in one of the buildings opposite the no 23 tram stop (cnr Arthur St and St Kilda Rd) when lightning hit the No 67 tram around 9.15am ... it was so loud it scared the **** out of me (and everyone else). I nearly fell off my chair from the fright!


  3. Feels like it might happen Jayne, but I slap the first person who complains about the rain.

    Yes, I heard the clap of thunder at that time Walker and then saw the banking up of trams.

  4. Oh I'm not complaining Andrew !
    I was out there dancing in it...till a loud thunderclap sent me scurrying indoors lol.

  5. Unreal weather hey Andrew? Wonder if the fire was te workshop that caught alight with 2 cars inside of it?
    Great images, scarry too.

  6. Anonymous12:58 pm

    We need more of this. And those 'spitters' are corrigibly water inefficient. You should talk to your landlord about that, no?

  7. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Happy days and it's still raining! So different from this time last year when no matter where you looked all the plants were gasping for mercy. Now if only we could harvest the water that is lost down the drains.


  8. I did not hear about that Cazzie, but I expect you are correct.

    There is an alternative that the body corp committee has investigate Reuben, ugly downpipes down the side of the building. It will still go into the storm water anyway. Maybe it is better that it waters the ground and helps keep the water table up.

    Indeed LiD. While it can cause havoc, it makes us feel good.

  9. This rain is a disaster for faux Paree, a horrible tragedy for the pavement latte set. ha ha. Good. Meanwhile us bogans show our basic good sense, a sense underpinning all civilisation, I've put about twenty containers on paths around the house: buckets, ice cream tubs, even the dogs bowls, and it's amazing how much water I've caught. I keep tipping it on the garden.
    And I'm catching it in the wheelie bin too, it's over half full, and my spouting is full of holes which is a big help.
    So go on, get out there, do some work, if you're afraid of getting wet join the Liberal Party.