Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Biffo

Our family never really argues. Maybe we don't care enough? Or maybe we care too much and hold our tongues. I guess it was the way we were brought up.

Brother the youngest had saved an article from the august newspaper, the Herald Sun. He produced it from his work van and offered to me to have a read on christmas day. I actually recall reading it online. It was an Andrew Bolt opinion piece that was very anti Green and anti Bob Brown. I don't think much of Bolt's writing or his opinions and seldom bother with him. I answered with a considered comment about tank water, without actually being too challenging.

Oops, her comes the Green sister. Sister refused to read it as she has no respect at all for Andrew Bolt's writing. Sister must have been in a bit of a grump on christmas day. She let forth with a tirade of facts and figures, articles etc etc of when Bolt has been wrong. Just read it, asked my brother. Sleep deprived sister with non sleeping baby refused again. I think very much along her lines, but I do not confront like she does.

Before 'Fertilise the forest, (bull) doze in a greenie' step father came out and a serious Green versus working class tory battle ensued, I changed the subject.

I said did you notice Fud (Mum) left the price tag on my present again. Sister said, if it is an expensive present, she always leaves the price tag on, after she removes the discounted price label. I don't know. My mother leaving the price tag on gifts does happen often, but I have never thought she would be so calculating. While my sister worships my mother, she clearly doesn't do so with her eyes shut.

There was something my mother said a while ago and I did realise that she plays the incompetent and confused card when it suits her.

I must remain naive and ignorant to such behaviour, otherwise I would have to confront. But I may just slip in a comment somewhere during a chat one day. Oh, and the present? Yarra. A diverting history of Melbourne's murky river. Price $32 and a good choice as a gift for me.


  1. Maybe it's because we don't care enough.

    You're such a cynic - you make me laugh Mr High Riser.

  2. You're seriously lucky not to have to live through horrific family occasions/trainwrecks. This year was the first year I actually felt relaxed at Christmas, because I was away from almost all my family! The only tension the whole time was from the family my aunt has married into...they have a different kind of crazy to ours, and it's hard for us to understand!

  3. Xmas Day hissy fits are exhausting.

    I think I've read that book Andrew - damn good pressie !
    Very apt considering the front page news of the EPA findings of the river...too thick to drink, too thin to plough ;)

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  5. My youngest sib seems to be the one to want to raise a rabble on holidays too. 'Course, it's not just holidays for her.

  6. Salient words of mine Rosanna. In some ways we are quite remote from each other.

    I reckon I will find it interesting Jayne.

    Sure you would RH, but I keep books like that.

    Are you the oldest Daisy Jo? I would have guessed that.

  7. My dear chap, you misunderstand.
    I do not want your personal copy.
    The girls at Williamstown library will purchase any book I fancy.

    And they are all good looking!



  8. What an awesome gift from your mum, I would like to read such a book, yet, right now I have to get the book I hve been ating for a while, the Bryce Courtenay new one and another one called Australia's Daughter's...a historical piece I believe.
    Funny, my dad always used to leave the price tag on too..not sure if it was deliberate or what.
    So, is baby Jo getting some teeth coming through? Is that the reason for the non sleeping mummy?
    Famly biffs.... they happen at Christmas for I avoid my husband's family until after is safe.. for them, as I don;t hold my tongue well anymore..not since I have had my children, I am forthcoming wth my words now and they don't know where to look. Oh well, they could be nicer to me, then they would receive the same.

  9. They probably say they will buy books for you to get rid of you RH. Anyway, that library ought to have the book.

    Re teeth Cazzie, I am sure she is but mother and the bone doctor say no. But you can see the way she is mouthing things and she seems in pain at times. Good on you for standing up for yourself with the inlaws. From what I can see, they ought to be very grateful to have you as a daughter in law.

  10. Beg to differ pardner, the proof is in the pud.

    Besides, the only thing a bird likes more than being good looking is being told so.

    Give it a try sometime.


  11. Have you lost weight RH? You are looking quite trim. Gee you are lucky to have such good skin. It is a bit sad how most guys your age let themselves go. You wanna tell me your secrets of how to look good at your pretty young age? You joined a gym or something?

    Granny already knows how to suck eggs when granny wants something.

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  13. You have used the word 'confront' twice in this post. It seems like at times you are a person who would rather say nothing than say anything. Don't confuse confrontation with aggression. Having an opinion can be confronting when you want to speak up or be just heard but it is how you say it that makes what you say seem confrontational.

    Most of my family hide behind the excuse of "I don't like confrontation" (hey, who does) as a way of never saying anything. Imagine having your idea/opinion shut down by somebody. The thought of that feeling is usually enough to keep you right where you are. Think about it Andrew. Of course it is far more complex than that. There are far more negative feelings that can come with it.

    "I must remain naive and ignorant to such behaviour, otherwise I would have to confront." This is the subconscious mind at work mate. If you write this then you believe this.

    Speaking up (not yelling) takes practice if you have spent a lifetime avoiding it. Trust me, it's not painful but very empowering.

    My therapy is really paying off. lol

  14. I can see both sides of this. Sometimes it's best to say nothing.
    But then it emboldens some fools to up the ante. Those cases (of sneer or whatever) should be confronted straight away.

  15. And anyway, Andrew confronts RH quite often.

    Yes. Very true.


  16. Firehorse, I was going to say I confront if it is important but that will make Robert feel important. I will say, no need to rock any boats. My mother is old and why cause upset over something trivial. If you knew what my job is, you would know full well I do confrontation on daily basis. Don't want it in my private life as well.