Thursday, December 06, 2007


And so was the cry in the evenings in the city as lads called out the name of the evening newspaper.

When checking out Barwon Grange recently, I came across a newspaper called The Melbourne Morning Herald. I had never heard of it, but I made an immediate association with The Sydney Morning Herald. Must check it out, I thought. It would seem there is no connection.

Slipped my mind until now. I looked online via a search engine and nothing. I went to the State Library website, and it is listed and they have copies and it is very rare.

Courtesy my $150 reference book, I find that in 1855 it became The Melbourne Herald and then later just The Herald, as some us who are old enough, remember well. Then it was merged into The Sun News Pictorial which became the Herald Sun.

My paternal grandfather gave me ten cents once to go to the shops and buy a copy of The Herald and buy and icecream with the change. I was only used to The Sun newspaper which was all in one piece. The Herald had separate sections. I thought there were papers mixed up together so I took one part, the front and left the rest at the shop. My grandfather was not impressed to get a paper without the sports section. Sometimes I get things really really wrong, even though I am trying hard, just was when I was a kid.


  1. Ever since the Herald Sun began publishing those blatantly anti-union articles regarding the IR protests in the city, I have refused to buy the damn thing. Of course, the beat-ups rising from the tram collisions recently cemented my view that paper is not worth even picking up from a tram seat.

    More to the topic, I still remember the two papers - the Sun and the Herald. It was sort of weird when they merged.

  2. Seems so long ago Rob that people bought an evening newspaper, the Herald, and did not depend on the free giveaway MX.

  3. Ohhh I've been wanting that reference book Andrew!

    Got copies of The Herald and The Argus from the 40's and 50's from ripping up carpet, I'll re-post some of the articles.
    Reporting styles have changed immensely over the years, even since the Sun merged with The Herald, and sometimes not in a good way.

  4. I might complain about paying over $3 for coffee Jayne, but no regrets for buying the book.

    Pity The Argus has gone. We could well do with some print diversification.

  5. I did some family history research at the State Library concerning a prominent relative and how his death was reported in 1929. The Herald wasthe only paper that looked someting like newspapers do today. The Age had the classifieds on the front page!

  6. Lad, I have kept a couple of papers with features I wanted. They are maybe 20 plus years old. They look incredibly dated. I think The Herald must have been unusual as on old papers I have only seen ads on the front pages.