Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Dogbox

Our Balaclava house was in the street on the far side of this most attractive development. Friends christened this pictured place the Dogbox when we were looking to buy nearby our house and considered this place, well one of us did.

We looked at one apartment and it was awful and so terribly hot inside, maybe the top one. The balcony with a view up Chapel Street was nice, but then I did not really know what a good view was until we moved here.

The site used to an SEC electric substation with a house on the site, presumably lived in by the keeper of the lights.

Would you agree that it is a downright butt ugly building and a cheap looking construction? A retiring Port Phillip mayor, perhaps Dick Gross, admitted that the decision to approve its construction was not the council's finest moment. It is just way to big and bulky for the location. Somehow I think our old house may still be standing after this building has been demolished.


  1. Yes. it's ugly. It looks like a suburban jail.

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  3. Why is it that everything modern just looks so cheap? My ideal house would be a terrace in Brunswick/Carlton/Fitzroy, failing London of course. Those buildings always look beautiful (unless in major disrepair of course). Although I can see the benefits of an apartment, especially a new block with great facilities. A friend lives in a new build in Docklands, and it's the most poorly designed building I've ever seen - they've gone all out on 'wacky' architectural design, so the outside of the building is impressive, but all the rooms are awkward triangle shapes. Plus, since the area's basically all under construction at the moment, the view is terrible!

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  5. Living is detail6:21 pm

    Ugly is right. It won't be long before it starts to show the damp stains and signs of decay that go hand in hand with that type of building material. It is not an asset to the community. Another wicked council.


  6. Yeah, perhaps a little jail like Steph.

    Might have looked at one of those Dockland apartments Non Blondie. Weird shaped rooms. You could barely turn around in the bathroom. I can't believe the price they get for them.

    It does almost look like a modern sculpture RH.......from a distance. I know well about Francis Street. It should be totally blocked to trucks.

    LiD, it was approved around the time Kennett introduced his Melbourne housing policies, forget the name. The council is mostly to blame, but not totally.

  7. It is ugly alright! As much a blight to look at as the set of self contained apartments they built on Kororoit Creek Road in Williamstown, the old Rifle Range. White pre fab on the outside..look like old Naval Housing from a by-gone era.

  8. Developers did the same thing with a substation near Mentone but right on the railway line and charged a fortune for them. They look terrible.

  9. Must check next time I drive along there Cazzie.

    And when there is a housing shortage Jahteh, it should be the councils and state who protect us places like this and your example.

  10. Reuben van Bemmel12:49 pm

    Port Phillip City Council have made many a planning mistake. Look what they have in store for St.Kilda's foreshore and Pallas Theatre! You should do a post on that, Andrew, as I have.

  11. I would be flattering myself Reuben that any post I would make would make any change. I have sent an email to ex mayor Bolitho, local councillor Logan and submitted a protest to CoPP.

  12. Reuben11:19 am

    Oh right. Fair enough.


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