Saturday, December 29, 2007


I think it is fairly clear what happened here. Can you see the yellow line on the road. The tram stays one side and the cars ought to stay on the other side. The tram did not swerve and hit the car. This model tram weighs 34 tonnes plus more with passengers.

The best braking in the world would not stop 34 tonnes of tram quickly and even if it could stop on a dime, imagine the damage to those people inside the tram. I can't imagine this will end in a court case, but I have heard from reliable sources that even what seems so clear cut, can end up with the motorist bringing the tram company to court and often getting a sympathetic hearing. Outrageous, in my opinion.

Photo by Ian Green.


  1. The Spouse used to drive trams and said some highly colourful words when he saw your pic !

  2. lmao. Good point Andrew

  3. He would know all about it then Jayne.

    Hi Jenu. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Anonymous1:07 am

    Fully with you on this one Andrew!

  5. Good Paul. Will have a good look at your blog when I have time.