Friday, December 14, 2007

City drive on City Link

Our dyke friend had a minor eye operation this week. Her g/f has started a new job and so was unable to collect her from the surgery in Victoria Street near the Eye and Ear Hospital.

She asked me and I could not as I would be at work, but then work changed and I could pick her up.

I needed to drive from Malvern to the clinic in Victoria Street at the top of the City.

I had thought about the way to go in advance and originally thought Kingsway then Victoria Street. I thought further. In the morning before I left for work, I snapped R's Etag off his car. I left work at 10.30 and by using City Link, I was at the corner of Exhibition and Victoria Street by 10.45. So quick. I was amazed. I had assumed, will I ever learn to check, that the clinic was on the same side of Victoria Street as the Eye and Ear Hospital. Nope, the other side. It took me another ten minutes to travel to a laneway where there was the clinic car parking

I called on an intercom and the chain barring the car park dropped to the ground. I drove over it and parked. By this time I had a bad case of the trembles. I had been trying to remember so many things and then the hideous traffic in Victoria Street nearly did my head in. My friend had been ready to collect at the very early time of 9am and I hated the thought of her being bored and waiting. I had lost my reading glasses. After a frantic search, I found them closed in between pages of the street directory. Deep breaths.

While I confidently walked up the bluestone laneway and in then in the front door of the clinic and then to lift, I was like jelly inside. Slow down I was telling myself, check that everything is right, look around, look at signs. The other self was telling me that I knew exactly what I was doing and confidently go forth. The other self was right and I got it all right. But whoa, how much damage did it do.

I signed a form and inanely said to the nurse, 'So she is in my custody now?'. The nurse laughed tolerantly. I am sure she had heard it before.

Victoria Parade, Hoddle Street and Punt Road traffic was not too bad and the roads a bit more familiar to me. I got her back to her house in East St Kilda safely, good deed done.

Half the problem was that I had worked both days at the weekend and had social engagements and I was way behind at home. (How those blogs to read mount up quickly at times, as do emails and other necessary reading) I hate my mid day break time being stolen.

People drive in the City all the time, but aside from King Street and Spencer Street, I just hate it. The reason god invented trams and buses was so you don't have to drive in the city.

Just to conclude, that Batman Avenue private road to the City is a marvellous thing. Lucky you have to pay or everyone would use it all the time.


  1. Yes, well, I almnost got totalled, not my fault, by another Mazda today...a Mazda new as my Mazda 2. The guy didn;'t look and almost collected my right hand side going through the round about that is a nightmare in Nth Melb, out front of the Old Melb Inn. You know, the one with the trams running through it left and right..gahh!

  2. The Haymarket Roundabout Cazzie. Just another way we like to terrorize interstate visitors.

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  4. Oh, you do read things closely RH.

    Patients can sit around for most of the day before they are judged that any anaesthetic or shock has worn off, or they can be entrusted to someone to take them home. They won't let patients leave of their own accord and travel home alone. I am surprised that at your age, you don't know much about illness and medical procedures.

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  6. Commendations to you for helping your friend when it was needed.

    Nobody would get a taxi unless desperate. Last week I waited with an unwell woman for a cab she rang.
    After a very long time she rang again to see where it was.
    When it finally arrived the driver did not make eye contact, did not speak or smile, did not even want to air-out his backside by helping her with her walking frame.

    Her neighbour, my host, had cataract surgery at the Eye and Ear recently.
    She was supposed to cab home, but she got a tram (to Balwyn) instead.
    She said to me "when I looked at the drivers they were all too scary and I just couldn't get in with any of them".

    re your:
    I had lost my reading glasses. After a frantic search, I found them closed in between pages of the street directory ... is it not just the worst thing to be trying to check a directory in the car while in traffic, when specs are needed. I feel your angst.

  7. It is perhaps the thing that bugs me most, that is needing glasses to read maps.