Saturday, December 22, 2007


Over the next few months R and I plan to check out some of Melbourne's rooftop bars. I particularly like the sound of Cho Gao and Rooftop Bar, both in Swanston Street. We need to keep in touch with modern trends and what young people do.

Of course we will go at very quiet times and possibly not see any hip young people or suffer loud music, but no matter.

This bar is not roof top but just a bit of vacant land off a lane, but I like Section 8 a lot. It does 'go off' at times but we won't be there then.


  1. Vacant land? Off a lane?

    Wooh!- that's me!

    I'll come too, just to see what young dames are up to.

    -Peeping Robert.

  2. As I'm chained to the house I'll await your recommendations and pass them on to the adult offspring ;)

  3. "We need to keep in touch with modern trends and what young people do." Bless your cotton socks love. ;)

  4. I want to hear all about it when it happens. It sounds lovely.

  5. Hi Andrew

    Re this

    ' It does 'go off' at times but we won't be there then.'

    How do you know when not to go?

    May you have a lovely summer of bar hopping.



  6. I expect the dames do much as they always have RH.

    How did that happen Firehorse? Suddenly I know nothing about younguns.

    While I don't have personal experience Daisy Jo, it would seem our small, intimate and quirky laneway bars are envied around Australia.

    It follows Pants. At the time we would go, no one else would be around. When they get busy, we will be home watching The Bill or similar.

  7. And Jayne, it also follows that any recommendation from me would not be appropriate for your kiddies.

  8. LOL Andrew
    My eldest is in her 20's and used to sing with the Melb G & L Youth Chorus ;)

  9. The world gets smaller Jayne. It only formed a couple of years ago didn't it? So, I would have seen her performing at Prahran Market carols. Maybe you were there too?

  10. They do more now.

    I've got proof

  11. Ah, RH. You have caught something?

  12. Seen something. Been molested by a modern woman who cooked a marvellous spaghetti.

    She's in Geelong now. I'm safe.

  13. She had to give it up with extended work hours,sadly.Hoping to join up again next year(fingers crossed).