Friday, November 16, 2007

Whacking with the willow

I find cricket boring but I quite like the idea of English village cricket. A small crowd sitting in the sun on deckchairs, politely clapping when a run or two is scored, but never booing or being loud or obnoxious.

In Melbourne we have Junction Oval at St Kilda Junction, which is very nice. But no-where in Australia is there a cricket ground with such a beautiful name in such a beautiful location.

Hobart's Bellerive Oval.


  1. Anonymous11:30 am

    Every summer I have to put up with some degree of cricket watching. It is boring as batshit to me (excuse the french and the bad pun).

    If I could watch it from one of those boats in the picture maybe things would improve dramatically. Gorgeous.

  2. wow amazing cricket grounds!

    Sri Lanka isnt playing cricket this time...LOL!


  3. I reckon so LiD. I wish I had seen it when we were in Hobart.

    Well they are there participating Keshi, whether they are playing cricket is another matter.