Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Pollies

I don't like hating people. Most politicians, whatever their colours are probably quite nice. I have only met one Federal politician I think, and he was ok.

But there are some who I detest. They lie, they cheat (ok, normal political behaviour). But what really gets me is extreme arrogance and a lack of empathy.

Here is a list of past and present and why not start with a topical one.

Tony Abbott (a practising, shout it out loud Catholic. He is beyond the pale and my most hated)

Bill Heffernan ( google Bill quotes and it would a horror read)

PM John Howard (he pretends empathy quite well but actions speak louder than words)

Charles Court (premier of WA years ago. An utter prick)

Joh Bjelke Perterson and wife Flo (a principal reason why anyone of my age in the rest of Australia still views Queenslanders, especially country ones with suspicion if not disdain)

Jeff Kennett (oh, I know someone who could make his life miserable, like he did so many. I wish she would)

Pauline Hanson (she made it right for my friends from exotic locals to be treated badly)

Nick Greiner (I forget now, but I hated him when he was Premier of NSW)

The rest are just disappointments or will be disappointments.


  1. I'd add Wilson Tuckey, but you're right as top of the pile (yes, we're thinking hemorrhoid) Tony Abbott would have to take a lot of beating, and hopefully he will, the unctuous, insensitive and disingenuous turd!

    (Did I mention I detest him?)

  2. good one :)

    **Pauline Hanson (she made it right for my friends from exotic locals to be treated badly)

    I think she lacks knowledge n depth abt this world - how multi-culturism is vital for survival of the human race. thats why she behaved that way.


  3. Agree, agree, agree.

    What about Phillip Ruddock our gut-wrenching Attourney General


    Mal Brough and his bright plan to "manage" the problems in the Northern Territory.

  4. Keshi, how careless of you put 'Mal Brough' and 'bright' in the same sentence! :0)

  5. Pauline Hanson made it okay to hate and once the genie was out of the bottle so to speak, we couldn't put it back in.

    Just add every member of the Liberal party in Canberra, they're all creeps in one way or another.

    As for Jeffery, the look on his face when he found out he'd lost the election was my fondest memory of him. As I've said before I want to add JHo's as a bookend.

  6. Forgot Tuckey. I am sure there are others too. Ruddock and Alstom too LiD. Not so sure about Brough, regardless of the rights or wrongs of the policy.

    She was a stupid woman Keshi. She had no idea of the repercussions of what she was saying.

    The Kennett defeat was a very nice moment in time Jahteh.

  7. I went to college to be a politician; it was only after I finished that I realized most of them are liars.

  8. As much as I don't like Liberal, Kennett didn't do THAT bad a job. He knew what he wanted, and made sure he got what he wanted. He did do a few good things for Victoria, but also did fuck up a few things.

  9. There is a college course for it Daisy Jo?

    You have forgotten the work place climate of fear Andy?

  10. I make his life tougher.