Friday, November 23, 2007

Please Explain?

I very vaguely recall that there is someone at ABC online by the name of Declan who Lord Sedgwick has mentioned once or twice. Perhaps it was The Age where he worked. Perhaps Declan has a brother. I am sure M'lord thought he was doing some work experience.

No, it must have been The Age because dear Declan has been transferred to the Sydney Morning Herald where he continues his tradition of erudition.

Man missing with daughter after wife killed found in traffic jam caused by car crash.

It has taken me many reads but I think I can translate it now.

Nah, sorry, cannot. I am a blue collar worker with minimal education, not a wordsmith or a journalist.

I can break it down though I think. Wife is dead. Husband bolted with daughter. Dead wife was in a car crash that caused a traffic jam. I think that is correct.

I wonder if any other country in the world, whatever its language, would have a premier broadsheet newspaper with such tosh.


  1. What a nightmare of a headline, cannot even take a breath, and no commas,,,,,,,, anywhere!!

  2. Will be watching out for Declan trotting up the the podium to collect a Walkley Award for that solid gold entry.

  3. Jaysus, and I thought I was a shitful writer.

  4. Thanks chap and chapesses. I wondered if it was just me.

  5. Oh for fook's sake I thought ya was talkin' about Pauline Hanson with your blog title! To be sure t'was as much drivvle with the ridiculousness! (that's a word, isn't it?)

    I'm a sad blue collar off-spring turned white tonight :(

    Maybe back to Queen Adelaide instead of Oyster Bay? BUGGER!!!

  6. I wish there was a breathalyser on my computer that disallowed me to blog when inebriated :)

  7. Hard working lasses have to hang loose at times.

  8. Lord Sedgwick's right. I'll watch the Walkleys just to see if any drunken git tries to push him off the podium.

  9. The Walkleys seem to be the last bastion where people in public get drunk. Marvellous.