Friday, November 02, 2007

The love goes on

My love of the mythical 'old' Sydney continues, before it became a filth ridden, stinking of sex, drugs and vomit, hole that it now is.

Here is a tram climbing the steep slope from Bronte Beach. While the view from Melbourne's trams can be nice, there is nothing to compare to Sydney trams in their heyday. Magic.

PS For those who have an idea about such matters, I think it is an R or R1 class tram.


  1. Geez, that's a bit harsh. You are starting to sound like some cranky ol' man.

  2. We Melbournians have an inferiority complex and so love to find fault with Sydney.

  3. Now THAT certainly would be magic Andrew!! THanks for showing the pic... beauty!

  4. I think it might be an R1. Something about the door in the middle, I think the Rs have 2.

  5. Hi me again...

    If you can find a copy of Microsoft train Simulator, the La Perouse line is available for download along with a number of Sydney Trams to run on it from

    Not quite the same as being there though...

  6. What a great picture Andrew.

    You are right. Sydney has lost so much of it's character over the years.

  7. 'Tis a a nice pic Cazzie.

    After studying them for some time Ben, I still can't tell an R from and R1. I will have a look, but not sure train simulator is my thing. Maybe I am wrong about that.

    It has lost much Who Me, but there is still plenty there. Sydney does my head in because the people are so like Melburnians and yet Sydney is so different.

  8. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Sydney lost its trams and its intelligence and urban-planning knowledge simultaneously.
    Then they built the most laughable monorail that goes around in a circle (the planners of which must have been on crack) in the CBD there.
    Now they want to expand more freeways.

    I don't like Sydney and will continue to do so until they build a light-rail network.

  9. From a tourist perspective, the monorail is good value. Useless for locals pretty well and not a useful piece of infrastructure. You are perhaps not aware at the protests against it being built. Late author Patrick White was a participant.

  10. The monorail reminds me of some of the rides they used to have at Wobbies World, in that it has the same plasticy interior and doesn't feel entirely safe. Although to really get your monies worth just stay on for 2 or more laps of the circuit. I guess the equivalent in Melbourne is the city circle tram which is free, and a whole lot slower, but actually goes places where non tourists need to go as well.

    And I stand by the R1, I'm positive the main difference externally is the doors (and windows).