Sunday, November 18, 2007

A suburban birthday

The ex Northern Territory policeman/politician turned sixty five yesterday. He held a party. There was the usual collection of the weird and wonderful in attendance and a great night. The Fijian Indian b/f has jacked up and is not cooking for us freeloaders anymore, but as this was a special occasion, he fed us well.

I am not much of one for cakes and sweet stuffs, but the one on the right in the picture was made by a pastry chef friend of his and it was very nice.

He requested no gifts on the invitation but R insisted. My suggestion of native-ish flowers from South Melbourne Market was acceptable and they turned out to be excellent.

The Brighton Antique Dealer attended, along with her toyboy. She was telling me about a movie she had just watched about a lass in Afghanistan. She is normally a very tolerant person but she then launched into a tirade against Muslim women who cover up. She said, and I know there is some substance to this, that she hadn't fought all her life for women's rights to have women hiding themselves behind clothing at the behest of men. I told her about a recent rape case in the Middle East where a woman who was raped, has been sentenced to many lashes because she was in a car with her ex boyfriend. I have never seen the BAD so angry and so passionate.

We and the dyke friends were the last to leave and reached home at 11.30 but there someone's partner kept someone up till 4am chatting. Ah well, I felt like crap today but we did solve some of our and the world's problems.

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  1. I saw that Saudi rape report in Saturday's Australian.
    The victim got 6 months and 200 lashes, as if being gang-raped 14 times wasn't horrific enough.
    meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth has the King of Saudi Arabia to her place for a State Dinner.
    She must read the papers and must KNOW he condones this evil stuff. What a drag to be her.