Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TV Theft

No, no one has stolen My TransVestite. But Channel 7 is sitting nicely on its laurels while our ABC does the hard yards.

Tonight on Today Tonight they had a story on defender of the cheated by spruikers and real estate sharks, Neil Jenman. Covered fully in a half hour program last night by Australian Story.

Also on Today Tonight and A Current Affair was pieces on disgraced and just set free from jail, Andrew Fraser. Andrew Denton interviewed him last night.

Ok, both subjects are seeking publicity, but it felt a little indecent.

I also have a confession and I feel some shame. I started watching Dancing with the Stars a couple of weeks ago and I am now hooked to the end of the series. Every gay boys favourite old fag hag Patti Newton (Bert's too probably) is great. The blond dancer with slightly dodgy teeth is quite hot. Sonia Kruger has a good sense of humour and is a plus for the show. Ok, it is not ABC's Strictly Dancing, but it is very entertaining.


  1. / Ahem.

    I saw that Denton interview, and I thought Andrew Fraser was very suspicious of the police - accusing in the way he spoke. It seems to me that he was implying his 5yr sentence directly related to his defence of the four involved in the 98 police killings.

    I got a little bit cross, actually. But Denton is always good value. Best interview was Miriam Margoyle!

  2. I loved Miriam too.