Sunday, October 14, 2007

That was the night that was, and the day too

Sometimes I try to see myself as those who know me see me. Generally I am not particularly enamoured by what I see. S'pose I have my good points but I wonder if they are outweighed by the bad. But after last night when so many people made an effort and were so nice and generous, and then it continued this morning, perhaps I am better than I think.

4.45 Collect sister and Little Jo for train at Southern Cross Station. Bring them home and chat and play with little Jo and concentrate on sister's face as she talks while feeding Little Jo.

6.30 Bone doctor arrives and they all troop off to dyke doctors national dinner at the zoo. But at...

6.00 Leave home for Dame M's. People arrive at Dame M's in dribs and drabs. The boarder was there of course. The brother friends arrived. The dyke friend and her girlfriend. The ex NT politician/policeman and his Fijian Indian boyfriend and his boyfriend. The Brighton Antique Dealer and her toy boy. The mountain women from The Patch. Talk, laugh, joke, receive cards and gifts.

7.45 All walk a couple of minutes to Shanghai restaurant. I wrote about it back here and I did not realise we did the same two years ago.

8.00 Tuck into a fine banquet. Jane's service was extra good. She gave me a small Buddha as a gift when we were leaving at 11.00.

11.20 Home and sister, Little Jo and the bone doctor are sitting waiting for us. Chat till 1ish and then sleep for a few hours but awake by 6.00

10.00 We all set off on foot to Mojitos in Commercial Road for brunch. Plenty of space for a pram in the Prahran Market courtyard. Eat brunch and return home and see off sister, bone doctor and Little Jo.

Gifts received, and I feel guilty as some were expensive. From dyke friend and her girlfriend, an Ipod shuffle and a bottle of wine. (I am worried about the Ipod as I just wanted a cheap mp3 player. I think Ipod restricts with mp3 files) Three other bottles of wine from various people. Sister and bone doctor a bottle of wine, gee wizz electric toothbrush and they paid for brunch. The mountain women, a bottle of wine and a bunch of waratah from their garden. (the dark red ones in the pics). Dame M paid for the cake and organised it including pre dinner nibbles.

R really went over the top with a city balloon ride for us both, valid for a year and a new pocket sized camera.

I suppose apart from my 21st ever so many years ago, this is a significant birthday. But oh, everyone has been so nice.

As Dame M's birthday was so close, we celebrated that a bit too, but really it was all about me.

The other flowers are Pincushion Banksia from Prahran Market. Sister forgot to bring toys for Little Jo and I had to rapidly think what was a good toy for her. I figured the spoon was safe. She whacked her mother in the knee with it. Simple things are good aren't they?

I am so so tired.


  1. Hi Andrew

    Well... you had fun... right?



  2. I did Pants. Hard work though. No more birthdays for me.

  3. Glad you had such a great birthday... life is good.

    The flowers are beautiful, the cake looks yummy and lil Jo is looking more gorgeous than ever.

  4. Cakes not as yummy as what was in your post on your blog Jo. Thanks.

  5. How wonderful, what a great and busy time you had. Little Jo is so gorgeous, hmmmm, I bet she smells lovely too, breastfed babies smell nice, it is true!
    Ipod shuffle, how very cool.
    Good for R for buying you the ticket for a balloon ride, I cannot wait to see pics of this!

  6. Wow! You sure were spoilt!

    All those bottles of wine.....and you being allergic and all...I'll send you my address.

    Of course I'll replace them with a 5 litre Berri Lambrusco ;)

    Balloon flight sounds great! Good job R! Went on one myself in March and loved it. Have you been on one before?

  7. She does smell nice Cazzie. Except when the nappy comes off.

    Thanks for the offer Who Me, but I will manage. I can't bear Lambrusco and I would rather go without and that is saying something. I haven't been on a balloon before, although plenty float past us. I hope it will go close to our place but it depends on the breeze.