Monday, October 01, 2007

Thank you note, the modern version

I am not sure that this is really the right thing to do since R was a member of the sub committee who did the hard work towards the foyer reno, but what the heck. The committee gets little thanks for the hard work they do, so if it makes someone feel good, it is worth it.

Hi *****.
Just a quick note that you may wish to bring to the attention of members at the next ***** body corp committee meeting.
I would like to congratulate the committee on the renovation of the foyer. It has been modernised yet remains tasteful. All building occupants who I have spoken to approve wholeheartedly. I know a lot of effort was put into the renovation and the end result indicates that it was time well spent.
Well done to all involved.
Andrew *******
***** St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004.


  1. I agree totally! Love the refurb!

    Funny isn't it that the goose who was happy to put a badly written note about the renovation in the foyer, and try to cause a stir, wouldn't put the same amount of energy into a thankyou once the job was done.

    Some people would rather just complain than commend :)

  2. She, and I am sure it was a she Who Me, saw it one third finished when she put the note up. The painting was done and a couple of bits of furniture had arrived. It was supposed to all happen in a week and effort was put into making it happen in a week, but that was not to be and it took longer. As you say, complain first.