Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tech overwhelm

When I arose this morning there were three bits of new technology for me to learn. I like technology. It is new and different and something to learn and then get pleasure from.....well sometimes.

I tackled the easiest first, the new electric toothbrush that does not have rechargeable AA batteries but charges by osmosis. I actually plugged it in last night and when I woke this morning and saw a blue light flash in my bathroom, for split second I thought my bathroom was on fire. Toothbrush was pretty easy.

Tackle the camera. Same brand, Canon, as the old one but half the size, but twice the display screen size. The controls are different but similar, so I found my way around that ok. R bought a 1gb card to go with it. I wonder how long the battery will last before needing a charge? Less than four AA's I reckon.

But the Ipod Shuffle, well I plugged it into the USB port to charge up, but then today I read that it won't charge when the hard drive is asleep. Contrary to popular belief, my hard drive does spend some time asleep.

I know this Ipod Shuttley thing going to be a troublesome critter. So as the pc is going to be upgraded this week, I have decided that there is not much point going online to get the Ipod software until we have the renovated pc. I hate white earpieces, oh, the modern lingo is 'buds'?, wonder if my black walkman ones will work.


  1. If I can do it, you can do it.

  2. I used to be very good with technology Daisy Jo, but it has become so complicated. I always get there, but it takes longer.

  3. me a techie by profession but there r times when it drives me up the walls too :)


  4. Yes Keshi, I have noticed even experts struggle at times.

  5. We're having a wishing well for our wedding, as we are getting married in WA and live in Vic. We can't carry presents on the plane, so it was easier this way. The first thing on our list to buy with the money/vouchers is an air conditioner - one of those portable refrigerated ones. The second thing is a DVD recorder. I'm looking forward to the DVD recorder, even if it takes me a week and a half to learn how to use it. Maybe we can download from our digital video camera and make awesome, bow chicky bow wow home porn? Or not.

  6. Hey Hawkeye, was wondering about you today. Nice to hear from you. I wave to you every so often. I like your priorities, air con especially. You can make your porn with a digital camera or even mobile phone and get it on the net. Tip, baseball cap pulled low hides your face well.

  7. I'm more concerned with hiding my arse and other associated bits, but thanks for the tip :)


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