Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Surrounded by the famous

Gee, sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by famous people while I stay minute and invisible. The Brighton Antique Dealer's toy boy has an on going gig at the Exchange hotel as the mechanic who drives the Pricilla bus after it failed to proceed. Fifty bucks, free drinks and the price is he pays is a four day beard growth for the one night a week show. He hates that.

The Brighton Antique Dealer was supposed to be at Dame M's eighty third birthday drinks night at her 1.5 mill dollar property tonight. Dame M's reverse mortgage for her property on St Kilda hill is getting sorted and she may have some money soon to plough into the pokie machines live on. But the Brighton Antique Dealer was a no show at Dame M's birthday drinks because she had hurt her back.

Perhaps the cause of her bad back was flinging her arm high in the air with castanets for a photo shoot that was in today's free Melbourne newspaper, MX. Some public transport related thing. No idea what it was about. She has a daughter who works for our train company and a Calcutta tram focused nephew Roberto who thinks of her as his eccentric aunt.

The photo was good. I am sure she was airbrushed or photo shopped.


  1. ah the rich n the famous! When will I ever be one? :):)


  2. It has been sung about Keshi. Here are the lyrics. It was quite a good song.

  3. I hope she remembers you in her will ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Dame M


  5. No one will Steph. I will remain poor.

    In honour of her birthday Jo, I will make sole post about her.