Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The St Kilda Road Lushes

There are three high rise apartment building within our group. They are all of a similar size with a similar number of occupants. The glass/cans recycling bins are out for collection.

The picture at the bottom is our building's bins and the other two are the adjacent buildings. What does it say about the occupants of our building? That we are more conscious about recycling? Perhaps true. But it could just mean that we drink a whole lot more.


  1. A much more concerted effort than in my street. Those with too much money probably think they can buy their way out of global warming.

  2. Not exactly poor in our building Rosanna, except for us. I wonder how much recycling really happens here. About one bin per eleven apartments.

  3. Our household recycles at least twice more than what goes to trash.

    I have no idea where all those wine bottles come from!

    I emerge from my gate and look both ways (to make sure no-one is about) then I dash across the common driveway to put them in the big recycle bin!

  4. One bin per 11 does not sound that grand when you put it like that, hey? I knew your apartment building was plush - the interior is gorgeous!

  5. Far from perfect Rosanna, but quite nice. Thanks.

    We used to have small open rectangular bins Who Me. The whole world used to be able to walk past and check your drinking habits. Fortunately back then, cardboard casks went in the general rubbish.

  6. You were a Chateaux De Cardboard boy?

    Can't imagine!!!!

  7. Allergy is still present Who Me. I only buy the posh casks now though, if there is such a thing.


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