Sunday, October 14, 2007

Significant Day

Today is my birthday. Lots of good wishes please and make them lavish. It is also the 32nd birthday of my electric razor which I wrote about two years ago. He is still with me, and it is a he. His name is Phillip something. No Lady Remington near my face with your girl leg hairs or worse stuck in the blades.

He still works well and he was given to me on my eighteenth birthday.......oh god, that makes me, (clunking noise as the cogs turn in my head) wow and damnation, forty years old. I am going to suicide. Pass me the Wiltshire Stay Sharp, the moggas and the Kalishnakov please, and your arithmetic skills are clearly seriously deficient.


  1. Happy Birthday, friend!

    My math skills are not deficient, but I'll let it go.

  2. happy birthday andrew. have a truly lavish and debaucherous day!

  3. Andrew Happy Birthday xxxxx...
    I have left you a post over at the bitches place :)

  4. Cake, I can haz cake?


    Happy Birthday Elegantly Ageing Andrew.

  5. Andrew, I am all astonishment. My maths skils are in perfect working order, thank you very much. Happy Birthday - I hope you had an absolutely wonderful day. I am about to comment on the post below.

  6. Lots of love, peace and happiness on your birthday


  7. ¡Feliz cumpleaƱos! (happy birthday)

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Wow! They had electric razors all the way back then?

    These days your age is still considered young. I know people in their 60's and 70's who still act like teenagers, my mother is one of them! There is hope for you yet. Now go and have a drink or 12.

  9. I am sure your math skills are ok Daisy Jo, but everyone can make an error.

    That is way kewl M'lord. I have saved it.

    I'll save the debauchery for when I am less overwhelmed thanks Kiki.

    And it was very nice Robyn, thank you.

    Elegantly ageing Jahteh. I like that but I am not. A small slice for you. From a Greek shop in Chapel Street I believe. Passionfruit icing. Pretty good.

    I am sure you would like happiness and love on your birthday Jo, but peace?

    Thanks Firehorse. Should I say that in Spanish?

    Yes Ben. They were dual purpose, also known as Victa lawn mowers.
    Your mother sounds good and I have taken your wise advice.

  10. HB (Happy Birthday)

    R (Robert)

  11. Is that all Robert? Not a big sloppy smooch?

  12. If you were in drag I might do it, and lust for women even more.

  13. Anonymous9:47 am

    Happy Birthday!!!!! :)

  14. Was I excluded from those comment replies? I notice a distinct lack of 'Rosanna'

  15. Thanks Mercboi and sorry Rosanna thank you for your kind good wishes. I loved the tale you wrote and I better go and comment on them all now.

  16. Oh and Rosanna, you must have had a pretty good idea of my age?

  17. Oh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Sorry I missed it!!

    Oh, I knew all along we were the same age Andrew ;)

    I'm really good at spelling, but not so good with maths :)

    Dare you to go and buy an Emjoi Gently to replace old Phil. The hairs will grow back finer and eventually disappear ;) I can't believe they call those things "Gentle". What a LIE!!!!

    Now, my ex-h2 happened to be named Phil. I replaced him with BOB. He never answers back, and the only baggage he came with was a spare pack of AA's!!!


  18. I did, but I would never tell.

  19. I can imagine what they are like Who Me. Like you see hair being ripped out in Asian countries by women with bits of cotton. I thought you would have bought rechargeables for BOB.

    Yes Rosanna, people are a funny once you turn forty.

  20. Belated, but no less sincere -

    Very best Wishes from me
    Dear Cameraface.

  21. Thank you Ann :)