Monday, October 29, 2007

Rich bastard

Clearly being an heir to the unknown riches of the McCewans hardware store is not all good.

I am not sue if I told you but they moved B**** to the Bethlehem Hospice yesterday.
R***** and I went and saw him earlier this evening.
He is shocking; unless there is a miracle he will never leave the place.
Speak tomorrow

He is dying of a cancer. He is a prick actually. I saw him kick his younger b/f in the ankle once when he caught him smoking out on a balcony. We then christened him 'the kicker'. I wish I could feel sadness about his about to happen passing, but I cannot.


  1. McCewns is not right. McKewans maybe?

  2. Clearly it was too late at night Campbell. Thanks. I will leave it as is so it won't come up in searches.

  3. Who says you have to feel sadness at someones passing? I hope he gets a good kick where he's going.