Thursday, October 04, 2007

Real Estate Agent Tale #74

I really thought I had heard it all before. I have my own personal experiences with real estate agents both buying and selling and I have heard many other stories. In summary, don't believe them, not one word. You do the homework on what you property is worth and take no notice of what an agent tells you. Ditto if you are buying.

But this one really takes the cake. Friends are looking to change their house for another, perhaps a unit, albeit with four bedrooms. They viewed a property which they liked, but they are only looking, although if the right property was there for the right price, they would go for it.

I forget the figures now so I will just make them up. It doesn't matter.

Say a buying price was suggested by the agent of $630. They thought it was good value and would follow it up. They received a call by the agent who said there had been an offer of 680. Would they be interested in meeting that and perhaps just offering a couple of thousand more? They declined but they did follow it up. The property was sold for $585.

Our friend is almost a vexatious complainant so he called the agent asking for an explanation. Sorry she said. We made a mistake. The 680 offer was in Euros. We forgot to convert it.


  1. Been through all the real estate thing recently. Some of them were great, knew answers to everything and tried really hard, some tho were totally sleezy. Unfortunately the house we wanted to buy was through one of the sleezier agents. He done absolutely nothing to sell the house, never returned phone calls, lied to me and told me exactly what i wanted to hear be it true or not. I have never dealt with such imcompetance in my life.

  2. They are cunning.

    Liars. Crooks. Traitors.

    But nicely dressed.

  3. I'm confused? Surely if it was quoted in Euros - the offer would have been for more, not less?

    1 Euro is 1.59 Aussie dollars?

  4. Usually nicely dressed RH, but I have seen some bad dressers.

    I knew someone would find a problem Rosanna and trust it to be you. The friend told me about it over a dodgy mobile phone line and I intend asking him about it next time I see him. I am not sure how it worked but the essence is that a price was given in presumably dollars which when challenge was changed to euros and an apology for the mistake was given. I don't believe what the agent said. Just an excuse to cover a lie.

  5. It is funny Jo how some agents pester you to death and others don't even return calls.

  6. Oh I should have said... he returned every one of my calls up until I signed the contract and paid the deposit. After that he was lucky to return one in ten.

  7. They're Land Rats.

    I got that animal badge (you asked about) from

    and if you put
    "Bloggers Against Animal Abuse" into Guugle you get all the blogs who've done it.
    I'm lazy with links, apologies, peace and love