Friday, October 05, 2007

Playing with my flickr

Flickr seems to be the most popular photo storage and viewing site. I like it but you do have a limit of two hundred photos unless you pay. Photobucket and Webshots are more generous.

But as I was looking for a photo of something, Flickr is usually the best place to look.

I came across this chappie who has an amazing collection of photos. They are not just from Melbourne but from country areas and interstate. Maybe it is a public site for other people to upload to. I don't know but if they are solely his photos, he sure gets around.

Well worth a look.

racka_roadrunner's photos


  1. Very very cool...I love looking at other people's images. Thanks Andrew.

  2. He's quite good; I especially like the painted horses and the bollards.

  3. Most welcome Cazzie. Funny you noticed those pics Daisy Jo. The horses are almost outside a shop where a close friend works and the bollards are in Geelong, a regional city where my sister lives.