Friday, October 19, 2007

PI 6

Not finished my Phillip Island posts yet, two to go.

In the afternoon of the Monday after our morning we visited a fauna park. I cannot find the name of it but it is on Phillip Island Road, the main road on the island and quite close to Cowes.

To be honest, it looked a big dodgy and I was wondering whether we would get our $15 worth. It had a slightly neglected air about it with many of the animal quite old. I am happy to say it was marvellous. We spent about three hours there and if you have some overseas visitors, forget Melbourne Zoo and Healsville Sanctuary if you want to interact with Australian animals.

There were many different birds, lots of marsupials, all sorts of critters and you could feed a lot of them wheat. There were so many animals to see and we stayed quite late until an emu chased us. Some, or maybe many of the animals were not fit to be in the wild. The Tasmanian devil was particularly sad as it appeared to have arthritis and bumped into things, so possibly blind too.

I also, via my mother, believe Maru Koala and Fauna Park is very good, just off the island.

We dined that night on ok food at the local RSL (returned servicemen's league).

The sole kangaroo pictured has a joey in its pouch. You can see the legs sticking out. Pics are also blue tongue lizards, a monitor? (goanna), kangaroos and a wombat that ate out of our hands.


  1. That park looks great. Love the photos.

    You have to watch those emus. My mum got out of a car once to get a candid snap of an emu and ended up being chased. The bird had her running round the car and my Dad's reaction was to ask her what she was doing as she sprinted past.Kind of an obvious question really.

  2. Thanks LiD. I wonder about emus. I think they chase because people run and are generally afraid of them. Maybe next time you see one, stand up to it and let me know the results.

  3. And a blog correction. The animals were not old, just their enclosures.

  4. What sort of monitor was it, CRT or LCD?

    I think they look like Bearded Dragons of some sort, something about the shape of the head.

  5. Dunno Ben. We were travelling across a causeway near Darwin then these things were on the road and standing up erect. The tour guide called them monitors. Maybe spelling is wrong. Moniter? The pictured critter looks to be of the same variety.

  6. Nah speeling is fine. Was my attempt at a joke. Monitor, screen, CRT, LCD geddit?

    Oh, and what's in the water down there? Those Kangaroos appear to be breeding like rabbits.

  7. I think your theory could be right about the emus but you want me to stand up to those big birds. I like the plan but I am a bit afeared. Then again I will probably see one tomorrow and find them completely charming.

  8. great photo's Andrew, I love going to animal parks.

  9. I did get it Ben, but then started to doubt my speeling.

    Let me know LiD, hopefully not from the doctor's surgery.

    Thanks Jo. They are good when you can get close to the animals.