Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PI 3

We stayed at Cowes Caravan Park, which is one of many but it is probably the original local council owned park. A two bedroom cabin was around $110 plus $20 for linen. Niece and friend were only visiting, not staying. We had some time to investigate and organise then mother and step father, oldest younger brother, sis and Little Jo arrived for afternoon tea. They all stayed too long but it was a fun afternoon.

We had booked for two nights and had a lot to see.

As we drove down the Bass Highway I felt a sense of excitement as I did when we were kids and going on our semi regular pilgrimage to the Island. My mother used to rent a house on the Island every year. It was often the same house but not always. She has stayed at Cowes, Woolamai Beach, Red Rocks and San Remo, but there was a special place in Cowes. More on that later.

We arrived at the roundabout turn off from the Bass Highway to Phillip Island. Just like happened as a child, I thought we were just a minute away. No, it is still a bit of a drive. Fortunately the niece suggested game of eye spy had finished and things were quiet. My fond memories of eye spy had crashed. It is so boring. Bass Highway is mostly a divided road so you can't even play games about oncoming cars.

Ohhh, Dutchies Cafe just over the bridge in Newhaven has closed. It had been there as long as I can recall. Later Mum told me that it has been closed for five years and that he had opened a restaurant further long the main road. The cafe used to be constantly packed full of customers. I guess he became tired of the long hours and pressure. He still owns the site and lives next door.

The old chicory kiln is still in its place. I could not believe how developed the island has become. I would not say overdeveloped but the authorities need to be careful.

We travelled straight to the caravan park with only a brief delay at my niece's request for a photo shoot on a surf board. The afternoon was spent chatting, tea, coffee and cake and a walk on the beach. Little Jo remained wide awake. Her eye colour has changed to a strong blue. I wonder if they will stay that colour.

The Cowes Caravan Park is very beautiful with the park edge right on the beach. I am pretty sure the cabin pictured on their website is the one we stayed in. After the family had left, we drove to the main street and settled on take away fish and chips for dinner. Strangely at only 7pm, the place was closing and the deep fryer and griller were off, but there was some already cooked fish available. We bought some but I didn't think it would be very good but it was.

Oh Cazzie, look what popped up in Google. You can see on Cazzie's map where Phillip Island is in relation to rest of the state of Victoria, Australia.

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