Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PI 1

You hardly blinked and I have been overseas. Not far really and the only water crossed was Western Port Bay to Phillip Island.

We went via Frankston Market to see sis-in-law. Youngest brother was there too and youngest niece. We spent some time eating curry pies and slurping coffee and said our farewells to all except niece and her friend who we took with us to Phillip Island.

I suggested this wee holiday of two nights away. R agreed readily. For me, it was to be a trip down memory lane to a place where I have such wonderful memories. If I really want to do something, R indulges me. I really don't know if he enjoyed it as things were a bit tense between us. But he has a strong connection to Phillip Island with his ex too and myself and R have been with mother a couple of times when we used to do Sunday drives with her. It was a long time ago.


  1. Did you sing "I Still Call Australia Home" as you hit the mainland. There's no place like home.

    Guess what. John Howard is still prime minister. I know, I know. You were hoping that by the time you.... :)

  2. I was just thinking this morning..."Where has that Andrew been?"

    Maybe I missed it before. How long have you and R been together?

  3. I thought Howard may have a significant announcement at least Firehorse.

    Since I was 22 Daisy Jo.

  4. Wow! So longer than my two collective marriages. Good for you!

  5. 'things were a bit tense'.
    Rule no. 1 when things are a bit tense on a holiday drive. Don't get out of the car without taking the keys with you.

    Phillip Is. was my first (and only) overseas trip after the divorce. A much younger man complimented me about my long cloak, of course it was dark and he'd been watching penguins so it doesn't count.

  6. You are supposed to be taking in nature Jahteh, not trying to pick up.