Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PC Reno

Clearly the pc reno worked as I am back online. In spite of tele I like to watch last night, I missed being online terribly.

It matters less when I am away. Different environment, I don't miss it too much. But at home I am very used to being online constantly. It is like a part of me missing.

eg I cut back the geranium on the balcony. The stems that were producing leaves and flowers that died quickly were black. There were some healthy looking new growth that was green. I needed to find out about black stem geraniums, but no computer to find out.

The old computer was XP Pro, as is the new one. Why does it look so different? Maybe I switched back last time to classic, or something like that. I will be modern person this time and not switch back, for a week or so, to see if I can bear these bright colours and things not working like I am used to them working. Everything looks so big now. I like smaller.

The quote was for $300 to get the pc sorted. I wanted a new hard drive because this one is so old. How about 1gb of ram instead of 512 or whaterver. What about the mother boarder thingy? Replace that? CPU? I need a dvd burner.

While we did not buy our first computer from him, he has been a faithful servant for many years. He helped me many times when computers were less reliable and he has steered me well today. I put a couple of customers in his direction and he did ok. I was thanked with discounts for zip disks. Lordy, who remembers zip disks.

We were prepared to spend $300 but when pc was delivered he had a plan for $460. Essentially a totally new pc. But that is getting close to $750 he quoted a wee while ago for a new pc.

I baulked. I left it in his hands. Prepared to spend $300 but no more.

The pc was returned with a dvd burner, a dvd player (already there), a new cpu and a windows reload of the non legal kind. Just don't go for Microsoft updates. $200 and the advice was not to spend anymore money on this old computer.

If you know what you are doing with computers and can put some bits together, I am sure you are ok. Novice buy your computer from a 'large' place, I would worry. Get it from your local pc Asian street front shop that has been there for a while and build a good relationship, you cannot go wrong.

Meanwhile, after the six years of fine tuning of our computer has been lost, I am struggling to get it back to something like I know.

H Tek in St Kilda Road, St Kilda is good. Highly recommended.


  1. Hey Andrew!
    It's been a while since i didn't hear your comment on my blog!

    how are things?

  2. Things are well Bulan. I have been slack with comments on your blog. Believe me, I still read it though and love the pics.

  3. We have a little Asian named Eddy who comes to our house to fix our computers. He's extremely reliable, knowledgeable and so cheap.

    Two things annoy me about him tho, he runs everywhere, lil tiny fast steps. Sometimes I feel like tripping him. And the other... he laughs and says 'is it' every time I say something.

    Like this...

    Me: the lil wireless light on this thingy here isn't lit up and I can't get connection on the laptop.

    He says: is it... hahahaha

    Very strange lil fella but like I said, he's cheap

  4. My techie at work said most PC's only have a maximum life of four years so you're doing well!
    I just got me a new one and I can't stand Windows Vista. It sucks dogs balls.

  5. Most PCs hv a short life...Andrew ur doing well!

    My brandnew DELL's harddrive died in just few months. Luckily it was under the Warranty period so it got replaced with no costs. And now it's abt 2yrs old and thank God still going well.


  6. In house pc person Jo. I am impressed and envious.

    Four year not good enough really Steph. I hear some are returning to XP from Vista.

    Maybe ours lasts well Keshi because we never switch if off unless we are away more than a couple of days.

  7. My tech guy is cheaper than yours. He's me! I'm not letting some stranger loose inside my case. Oh and my computer is about 7-8 years old. I'm not sure exactly as I bought it second hand when I was a poor student. Time for a new computer now I think.

  8. Yeah Ben, but you know about these things. How much of the original computer is left? The case?

  9. Most of the innards of my computer are still original. It just seems to keep chugging away.

  10. If it ain't broke Ben, don't fix it seems to a good motto for pcs. I have been more trouble because I have fiddled with things rather than any other reason.