Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pc reno

In preparation for the pc upgrade, I have been desperately burning cds for three days. I have over thirty burnt as back up. I think I have everything now. How much easier it would be if there was a dvd recorder. I will have one soon.

Like I am not just doing my own stuff, there is R's to back up too. I don't want to waste money on cds and so when 1templatinvids is 1.91 gb, how do you divide it to .7? Multiply that by many and you can see why it has taken time. I can only burn two cds an hour or the burner seems to overheat and each cd burnt seems to require a pc restart or I make drink coasters. I did save this for when I have work leave.

Post Script

I did not post this when I wrote it. The revitalised pc has returned and I am back.