Friday, October 12, 2007

Overheard Conversation #21

I was in our lift with two lads.

Person 1: The lift is still not working. I don't know why be pay our f***ing body corporate fees.
Person 2: Always problems with the lift.
1: I don't know what they do. The lift is always breaking down. Did you see what they did to the f***ing foyer. They put in a new couch.
2: They gutted it (the foyer) didn't they?
1: Nothing wrong with the old couch. F***ing useless c*****. And what about that new treadmill in the gym? How much did that f***ing well cost?
2: Yeah.

I said nothing. I did not press the door close button on the lift so I could see which apartment they went to. But I am not a quick verbal thinker on my feet. Here is what I should have said.

I am not a committee member but I know how many hours they put in for the benefit of this building, and it is a lot. There are good reasons why apartments in this building sell for $100,000 more than they do in the blocks next door, and the dedicated and active committee is a major reason. Your asset is being protected. And for your information, none of the committee people are lift technicians and cannot fix the lift. The part is coming from Canada to repair the lift, after attempts to source it more cheaply in Sydney failed. That is nothing to do with the committee anyway. The treadmill was a bargain at $3000 when a new one would cost around $13,000. It is commercial quality and there was a strong demand for it.

It hurts you know. I can't help but think the big mouth knew I had a connection to the committee and was making a point. He was clearly a nasty piece of work and I shouldn't take any notice. If he is who I think he is, he doesn't pay the body corp fees anyway. His mother does.


  1. Hi Andrew

    Civil Service is a thankless task. One day all the people who do it will just give up and who could blame them.



  2. Drop a note under their door. :)

  3. Thinking more along the lines of a stink bomb Ren.