Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Old Barmaid Blogger

There is a blogger in Woy Woy, what a ridiculous place name, who is 108 years old. She has help with her blog of course, but I am sure it is an interesting blog. So interesting, I have not looked at it.

She posted a youtube vid today to celebrate her birthday. Good on her. She only looks late eighties.

She retired from being a barmaid at the age of 72. She looked to be an old style barmaid.

I like barmaids. Bring 'em back, I say. Down to earth, often somewhat common, extremely street smart and savvy, flirtatious but not too free and easy. They would listen to crap that men talk after they have had a drink or two and vaguely became honest, and then forget it all tomorrow if that was appropriate. Their hair was always well done, their makeup a bit heavy but fashionable according to their age. They knew how to deal with drunks, far better than any police or guards may nowadays.

Did they ever find love in the pub from a customer? One did, my stepmother, who I am still fond of and keep kind of in touch with.

After dining at the Palmerston Hotel tonight, I came across a lass who is a born barmaid. I hope she sticks at bar work. She will be remembered very fondly by many at her funeral. But she was probably a student doing part time work.


  1. I remember the barmaids of days gone by too. Uncle used to play competition Snooker at some of the locals around Willi, Yarraville and Spotswood..and to sit on the bar and sip raspberry drink a bowl of chips to eat and watch the shenanigans in the pub was great. And...the other guys would back the bar maid up and throw the drunks out..only to come back next day after work..too right you are.

  2. The Spottiswoode hotel, opposite Spotswood rail station, and surrounded by factories in an unbeautiful landscape, advertises topless waitresses and foxy barmaids. Always lots of trucks parked outside.

  3. You got it Cazzie.

    Quite distasteful RH.

  4. I imagine I will return to my barmaid roots when I'm older.

  5. Daisy Jo, you have them in your diners too?

  6. No, not in our diners, but in a number of smaller restaurants.

    Unless diner translates to something different than it means here, that is.

  7. Yes well the broken-down old Spottiswoode Hotel carries the original name of its suburb: Spottiswoode, in which case the proprietors may feel morally unassailable.
    Heritage awareness isn't as loud as feminism but will long outlive it.

    (So will the old in and out)


  8. I've been reading Olive's blog for a while now. She has lived a very interesting life and I think you would enjoy reading about it.

  9. From what I see of diners on tv, we perhaps don't have an equivalent. Perhaps cafe comes closest.

    Spottiswoode? New to me.

    Thanks Jo, I thought it might be ok.

  10. Saw a link to that oldest blogger business on my Yahoo homepage but decided I didn't have time to look! Don't have to now :)

    But - you can't really generalise about 'barmaids' can you? I was a 'bar attendant' once (or twice).

    I worked at a pub in Grafton in 1991 when I was newly married to ex-h1 and followed him there.

    It was opposite the railway yards (not station) and had been known as the Railway Hotel (beautiful old pub). The 'villiage idiot' who bought it renamed it the "Village Green". It went into liquidation not long after.

    I was working in the Public Bar one day where all the railway fellas came for their afternoon beer/s. (As soon as I saw them walk in their beer was pulled and up on the counter)

    One day, this smart alec walked up to me and he opened his hand and in it was a screw. He said "Would you like a screw love?" I was quite taken aback.

    I walked outside soon after and had a cigarette. Then I hatched my plan. I pulled a 'root' from a plant in the beer garden and I walked back into the Public Bar and beckoned the smart alec.

    I said "No I don't want a screw, and I don't want a root either" as I handed him the root.

    Long story - sorry! Not bad for the wet-behind-the-ears 24 year old that I was at the time though :)

  11. Of course you cannot generalise Who Me, but I am talking about the old style barmaid who would be very old now if still alive.

    Very good anecdote. Made me smile on a bad day.

  12. Yeah....I gotcha Andrew. Like the one that's 108! Amazing!

    Glad I made you smile :)

    Sorry you had a bad day.

    Tomorrow will be better. T'always is :)

  13. For the first time in my life a few weeks ago a barmaid called me "love". It was a bit surreal because I'm pretty sure she was younger than I am ...

  14. Hehe Ben. In Broken Hill the address was 'darls'. Everyone called me/us darls.

  15. I notice the Spottiswoode is having bands in some nights, and I know I go on about this, but I'd hate to see the place become another trendpad, there's very few bloke pubs left around the inner suburbs now.

  16. Coz not enough blokes go to the pub anymore. Do your bit RH. Drink lots and drink often.