Friday, October 19, 2007

An ode to the departed

This youtube clip from the ABC tv program The Chaser has upset both Federal political leaders, the Sydney radio shock jocks and those who like to inflict their morals on others. Therefore, it has got to be good. Although they are mostly Australians mentioned, the widely known Steve Irwin gets a gig, as does Princess Di and John Lennon.


  1. I am prone to take the side of the afore mentioned politicians and those who are prepared to inflict their morals onto others.

    I'm not one for preaching my morals (I hope!) but having watched a loved one die recently, I found some of the comments particularly deragatory.

    That being said, I appreciated the message behind the song (and how many times I have had the same thought I can't even begin to count)

  2. They were derogatory Rosanna but I would not mind if I was on the receiving end, not that I would know. Maybe different if it was someone close to me.

    But the message was right on the spot and it was cringingly funny. I think I let out a shriek at one point....probably Belinda Emmett.

  3. I thought it was a good statement - but some of the lines took it a bit too far. Princess Di, for example. Arab semen, anyone?

    I cried out when he said Belinda Emmett - I thought he was going to go for it then.

  4. Surely anyone overseas is fair game at least Rosanna. Nothing wrong with Arab seamen in my experience.

    Agree about Belinda Emmett though, I thought oh no, they aren't going to are they. But I suppose it was enough to just mention her name.

  5. The ghost of Tom Lehrer lives. (Not sure whether he's actually dead - but if he is I'm sure he'd appreciate the Chaser lad's sentiment)

    It was milk spurting out of yer mouth funny ... and SO spot on.

    'specially the observation about that inexcusable toad Stan Zemanek.

    And even more 'specially coz the Chaser lad also showed us what prigs both Howard and Rudd are.

    When I shuffle off me creaky, groaning mortal coil I want them Chaser lads to write my musical eulogy. Warts, warts, warts and all ... and nuffink else.

  6. If anything the reaction by the media and politicians re-enforces the message of the song. I happened to see an item about this on Today Tonight (yeah I changed the channel soon after, very soon after). In their outrage they seemed to forget the bad taste shown by themselves at the time of Steve Irwin's death.

    One point they mentioned was about the Chaser team trying to sell their show to a commercial network, and how no one would buy them now that this has happened. What a load of crap, channel 7 would buy their show in a second if it was offered to them.

  7. Their show is for sale at two million. Commercials don't want it. The demographic that laughs at sniggering pimps is a Fairfax market anyway: snobby and untalented.

    I'm sorry duelling is outlawed. But if a dead person I loved copped this there'd be blows struck anyway. Promise.

  8. Put it in your will Mr Sedgwick. I am sure they will do it for free. Easy task with so much material. The reaction is the most amusing part.

    Current affairs and bad taste Ben? I don't believe it. They really would be laughing if it did go to a commercial channel. No one much would watch it and they would make lots of money.

    There is a line you would draw then RH. Celebrities can only be targets up to a point.

  9. Do you think it's honourable?

    It's hatred. Low. Gutless. UnAustralian. These boring little pimps dance on graves of people. For an audience of ink-stained shithead weaklings. Zemanek kept joking right to the end, his hospital photo is among the loveliest things I've seen.
    Have some respect for courage.

  10. Not sure if Chaser does honourable. I'd be very surprised if they ever do.

  11. As soon as you resorted to the great Rodent condemnation, "UnAustralian." you lost me r.h.

    ... and Stan Zemanek was a tasteless, mindless turd whose joking to the end doesn't excuse him ... at all.

    We should repect his courage?!

    Courage that allowed him to villify, mock and demean people he never had to face from behind his safe secure double glazed studio.

    The biography of Stan the barely manly, "My Life as a Cowardly Turd."

    "Not sure if Chaser does honourable. I'd be very surprised if they ever do."

    They do it more honourably that Stan the Unlamented.

    Gosh, I did get a bit wound up didn't I?

    Tossers like Stan'll do that to me everytime.

  12. The rodent. Sorry, I keep forgetting these cliches and what I should think. I'll never be a good sheep.
    Bradman will always be a champion batsman, Brock a marvellous racer, and so on. Zermanek will always be funny. And do you believe what you see on TV is the real Sam Newman? Did you ever see the real Graham Kennedy? Or Tony Hancock? The trouble with performance is people forget it's an act.

    Zermanek was funny.

  13. UnAustralian is being a rat, like when ten blokes bash into one. I'm Australian, never wanted to be anything else.

  14. As I said before in my own blog, Belinda Emmett was the only one not to get a ribbing because of the fact that she just wasn't like the others. Stan Zemanek, bastard. Peter Brock, bastard. Steve Irwin, slightly idiodic tool though good for Aussie tourism. John Lennon... meh. Di - well we all know the media attention she's still getting and she's been dead in the ground for ten years. I thought the song was very apt. Pushing the boundaries of comedy to an unfunny level, but apt and very true.

    I can't wait for Paris, Lindsey and Britney to die. Won't THAT be fun, kiddies?

  15. You forgot Bradman, was he a bastard too? Why? Find something.

    You'd be a bastard, so would RH. Everyone's a bastard to someone.

    The ABC is a Broadcasting Commission, but it ain't Australian, not with shit like this. These mongrels are cowardly, I know them. "Help! Police!" That's what they'd yell.

    There's boundries in comedy? What rubbish, you don't know what you're talking about. Malice isn't funny. Say it while they're alive, if you've got the bowels.
    So what's funny. To you. Are the dead fair game? I could have a laugh here at the long list of entertainers who've died of AIDS. Would you like that?

    Let's know.

    I'm very good at dittys.

  16. The trouble with the dead is you can't change them. Or reform them.

    How inconvenient.

  17. '...Pushing the boundaries of comedy to an unfunny level'

    If it's unfunny it's not comedy.


    (Goodness me)

  18. Pharlap. Did they mention Pharlap?

    Pharlap. Now that was one BASTARD of a horse.

    ha ha.