Monday, October 01, 2007

New 'puter

No not me. Our brother friends have a new computer. I went with one of them today to sign them up for Telstra ADSL. I was hoping it would happen on the spot and we could carry the modem out the door. Nope.

I takes up to five working days for it to happen. The modem etc will be delivered hopefully this week and the service will be switched on.

Not a bad deal. I had warned them that it could cost up to $160 to connect and subsequently $60 per month for 12GB plan at . Connection cost was $130, fully rebated. First six months is half price, next three months as well if they pay the bill online and then 50 free telephone local phone calls per month.

I did help the brother friend to get their new pc going. Not that it was hard. He could have done it himself. Sorting out the tangle of wires was the hardest part.

The pc came with a new keyboard and mouse and I happened to note that it said to connect the mouse after the pc was on. Nonsense. It would not work and required a restart. Better to just plug it in.

Since the could not have ADSL straight away, I thought I would just connect the pc up to their old dial up. I forgot that their old pc, and hey it was our old pc, and it had an internal dial up modem. So I could not get them online at all. I suggested we could put the old pc back, but friend said not to worry. They can live without the net for a week. I doubt they will miss much pron an occasional email.

It is nice to help someone selflessly. I actually enjoyed seeing a contained shopping centre, Box Hill Centro. It was very busy for a Monday. A short hard looking muscular dude in cammo pants and a white singlet caught me looking and picked me straight away. He enjoyed the noticing. I enjoyed the looking.

I took a couple of pics in the brother friends' garden. One came out ok.


  1. And somehow Telstra is better than Sky here in the UK?
    We signed up for their cable/broadband/phone option. Got the cable hooked up within a week. Got the moden delivered, with a letter saying the connection would be active in a week (a month after we bought it) but also saying we should wait another 3 days to connect it to make sure its all set up on their end. Then, after the phone finally got set up, we got a call last week from Sky - marketing their call plans! They didnt believe me when I said we were already signed up with them - it gives me no confidence in the continued service.

    Luckily my boyfriend is also good with computers - so handy to have someone like you around to fix things.

    'Its not plugged in'.

  2. And haven't we all done the not plugged in thing. That is a long time line to connect up. I think Sky is very dominant in your market.