Monday, October 01, 2007

Miriam Margolyes

I don't think that I have laughed in such a sustained way for a long time. I laughed and laughed at Miriam Margolyes on the Andrew Denton show tonight. Short, fat, plain and Jewish. Her words, and she is the stuff great comedians are made from.

Anyone who has been told to 'be quiet' by the Queen has got to be funny and she was.

If you missed her, you can catch the interview at ABC online.

She now has Australian permanent residency. Welcome Miriam.

Did I mishear? Did she say her partner of thirty odd years? Did she refer to her partner as she?


  1. Andrew Denton is an amazing interviewer; the story of her stroke affected mother finding voice, but for only one word and what that word ended up being was incredibly moving.

  2. It was moving. She and Denton just bounced so well off each other.

  3. Yes, Andrew, she certainly said "she". If you check her out on wikipedia you'll see that she's been out for a while. A great interview.

  4. Great interview - I wouldn't have watched normally but it was just engrossing. And yes, she did say "she" re her partner, and yes, she's been out for ages - according to the trusty old wikipedia.

  5. Thanks Frank and Ian.

  6. The interivew on ABC Radio National with Phillip Adams on 10 September was also fantastic. You can hear it on ABC online.

  7. Good tip Mark. Thank you.

  8. Oh I really want to see it now! And I would be able to see it. But I wouldn't be able to hear it.

    When ex-h2 nicked off to QLD with the babysitters (t'was only his parents) he got me all hooked up to Skype. But our sound died! Got new sound card and speakers but still no sound!!!! T'is on the 'To Do' List.

    Does Miriam enunciate well? Perhaps I could read her lips? Or maybe the whole thing would just be lost with the bouncing off Denton if I couldn't even hear them?

    Bugger! that's on the top of my 'To Do' list now!

  9. Worth the effort Who Me. She does enunciate well but as you say, you need to hear the two way. Her lips seem to work very well when she was young and at Cambridge.

  10. Who me - you can read the full transcript of the interview at the Enough Rope website.

    I felt I was taken on a ride with Miriam. She is an amazing teller of stories. I loved it so much I listened to it again online the next day.

  11. Thanks for that firehorse.

    I will look that up and maybe have the transcript in hand as I watch the clip.

    2 weeks until I'll have time to get my sound looked at :(

  12. I turned it off.

    I usually enjoy Denton.

    I just hated her, and not for being sapphic, just for being dreadful.
    I keep good company if Her Maj thinks so too.

  13. I rarely watch Denton Ann. I liked her.


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