Monday, October 01, 2007

Memo, Ch 2, 7, 9, 10

I don't care much for Aussie Rules football. It is hard to avoid in Melbourne though. Via osmosis, I have a bit of knowledge about the game. So I should. Aussie Rules is very Melbourne.

My sports teacher at secondary school must have come from NSW. He made me play rugby. I had already worked out that the wing position was the best place for me to be in Aussie Rules. I could avoid any contact with the ball and the other players from there.

But this rugby game. It was one in all in. I can't recall if it was union or league type rugby. There was a scrum if that makes a difference. I would probably quite enjoy that nowadays.

But I have no interest in rugby really. Nor does anyone I know.

I likes me men to have necks.

I think this constant ramming down Melbournian's throats with rugby by our tv stations is quite silly and such a waste of time on tv. You rugby people have pretty well tried everything and nothing has worked. Leave us alone to enjoy our Aussie Rules and Soccer and you keep your rugby. We just don't care and are not interested.


  1. Im neither a footy nor rugby fan..:)


  2. Me either Keshi. Boring.

  3. I like me men with necks too Andrew :)

  4. Rugby in Melbourne? You can lead a horse to water...

  5. Cubes are not so interesting to you then Who Me. Agree.

    Just being serious for a moment Ben, and I seldom am, I really don't think it can transport to Melbourne. People may be able to get into AFL at a later time, but I reckon you need to born and bred rugby to have any understanding of it.

  6. I tend to agree there, although apparently Rugby is the game played in heaven. I don't think they play it (much) in Germany so someone had better explain the game to the pope before long...

    What I find quite strange is that Aussie rules used to be played in New Zealand over 100 years ago, but at some point since then lost popularity.

  7. Aye, that is odd Ben.