Saturday, October 06, 2007

London Hotel Balmain

There was a rather good tv show on the other night about the Leahy family in Papua New Guinea. You can find out about it on the web. During the show there was a scene shot with a Leahy daughter featured on the balcony of a Sydney pub with the Harbour Bridge in the background.

The camera pulled out and I noticed it was called the London

Hotel. It looked like a great spot for a cold glass of ale. Of course loving Sydney as I do, I looked it up and found it was in Balmain.

I have written about my paternal grandmother before here. We used to refer to her as 'the bolter', since she made a bolt to Sydney Town and left her four young children in the care of their father. Amends were made later, up to a point. She lived in Donnelly Street, Balmain and looked out over wharves at White Bay and across to Rozelle. The London Hotel looks to be only about five hundred metres from where she lived, so I expect she would have had a drink or two there

Larger photo courtesy Gypsy Saskia at Flickr.


  1. Priscilla Queen of the Desert is on Channel Seven tonight, 10:30. I've already tied a table cloth on and danced around to get in the mood.

    You'll be watching it of course?

  2. I fell asleep in my room in Kings Cross setting the mattress smouldering with a burning cigarette and awoke standing down in the yard looking up at smoke pouring from the window -having actually climbed down a drainpipe pipe IN MY SLEEP.


    Was I lifted up and put down in another place as claimed by a schizophrenic friend of mine who got on a train at North Melbourne to come and see me and was suddenly lifted up and placed on a train coming into Newport?

    I don't know. I'd call his a blackout. But what was mine?

  3. Looks like a fine place for a drink.

  4. Mine host is out at a restaurant somewhere, maybe Monroes.

    Meanwhile it's twenty minutes -to Priscilla.

  5. Seen it once before RH. I would never repeat watch anything on commercial tv.

    Call it some lost time perhaps RH?

    It does Daisy Jo and next time I am Sydney, I will go there.

    Monroes, a blast from the past.

  6. I love the look of the balcony on the London Hotel!

  7. Sitting there watching the World go by, I love it :)

  8. Balmain has some awesome eateries and pubs, really quirky and full of character, it's an awesome place.

  9. Would it have been as desirable an address in your grandmother's day? Probably not. But I'll bet the beer tasted pretty much the same.

  10. I passed Balmain on Sat :)


  11. I reckon the balcony looks pretty good. It was not post at all back then Lad.