Friday, October 12, 2007

Lighting my life

Ok, ok. The public pressure is forcing us to do it, even thought it makes no economic nor environmental sense. I can only resist the public pressure for so long. Today we went out and bought two energy efficient light bulbs. Yesterday we went to our local large hardware supplier in Altona for my coat hangers, an energy efficient light bulb and to wash R's car at a place in Koroit Creek Road. We needed a few other things and called into Altona Gate shopping centre and had something to eat as well. R commented how different the people were in Altona. I noticed the many older 'wasp' Australians were at the shopping centre.

So, one energy efficient light for the main toilet which is left on a lot to keep the three room exhaust fan operating to ventilate the apartment, that is drag in air from outside. This one makes sense but it replaces a energy efficient light that is a few years old but is so slow to start working, it has become impractical.

We need decent lighting in our bathrooms at our age. Our sight is not that great and without glasses on, the tiniest slip with the eyeliner can have tragic results.

Along with the halogen light over the mirror in R's bathroom, the other big light was a 100w reflector light. While I am cynical about energy efficient lights, R does not like the vertical tubes or circular tubes of energy efficient lights. So he wanted an energy efficient light bulb that looked liked a normal bulb. The strength needed to be 20w, equivalent to a 100w incandescent. There were plenty of the exposed types that R does not like, but none of the bulb conventional type. We have checked Coles, Big W, Safeway/Woolworths, Bunnings and the hardware shop at Prahran Market. Not to be found.

We travelled on a tram today to our local computer shop to discuss a reno of our computer and then to Beacon Lighting nearby. We then took a very slow tram trip up Chapel Street to our local shops.

Even Beacon Lighting did not have an enclosed energy efficient light bulb of 20w. They can order. We settled on buying two reflector energy efficient light bulbs, one for R's bathroom and one for a standard lamp. Cost $13 per 15w globe. The economics of energy efficient lights just does not work for me.

R has been suggesting I should have an energy efficient light bulb for my bathroom, but since I have replaced my normal bulb with his old reflector globe, I don't think so, and I have a spare normal globe back up. If the light is not used very much, then it seems to me that there is no point in replacing an ok conventional bulb with an energy efficient model.


  1. Im so bad I never bother abt Energy efficient lights etc.


  2. I just put an 8 watt in my bedside lamp, seems OK so far. Tried one in the toilet, but went back to the incandescent, because by the time it warmed up to full brightness I was turning it off again.

  3. Keshi, your best contribution is to continue to catch the train to work.

    Exactly Ben. I noticed it was phrased on the box the lights came in as 'gentle start'. Not what you want in your lav.

  4. I'm putting them in all my closets; not because they're energy efficient, but because you're only supposed to have to change them every seven years. Being as short as I am, I can't change them with a step-stool, I have to drag out the ladder, which I hate.

  5. So, I learn from that Daisy Jo, that short people are better for the environment.