Monday, October 29, 2007

Just a day off work

What a day. I was calmly washing my car at a car wash in the amusingly named Koroit Creek Road, well it amuses me, when my sister rang. As the suds dried on my car, she told me she was meeting brother the youngest at a unit in Murrumbeena to view a property with the thought to buy. Would I like to come along.

As it was my day off, I could go but I just said, if I am there good, if not, sorry.

She and the bone doctor intend buying somewhere to live nearer to the city than Geelong and rent out their Geelong property.

The thought of driving my car in peak traffic to Murrumbeena did not appeal. I walked to South Yarra station and caught the train. I had time for a samosa and an apple juice at the local Indian Cafe and it was only a ten minute walk from the station. I had called R and he was there already, straight from work, along with sister and Little Jo and brother and his apprentice. The agent arrived soon after.

The agent was very nice and helpful, but still did the usual stuff, indicating if sister did not buy now, there were many who were interested. We all agreed it was a good buy and sister bought.

Back to agent's office in Koornang Road to sign the paperwork. Little Jo was hungry and the agent had no objection to sister feeding her in his office while he dealt with the paper work.

We invited sister back to our place for a celebratory drink and she stayed for dinner. Little Jo had not slept all day and was getting crabby. We saw sister off just as the bone doctor became free from back to back hip replacements and called to see if she was now in significant debt.

Rather threw our usual routine, but it is good to support family.

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