Monday, October 01, 2007

Ipod machine

I am tech hip. I know what an Ipod is. You just pop a really small cd thingy into it and away it goes. My phone can cope with this tech stuff, except my phone does not have a pause button and so is of no use for what I want an Ipod for.

I need a pause button for when I do historical or current walks. I think there are el cheapo Ipod like machines available. I will get one tomorrow, so long as it has a pause button. Do I need to buy some blank little cd thingys for it?

Will Big W at QV have an el cheapo Ipod style machine? I dont' like white earpieces. I want black. Will that cost extra?

Perhaps I should get an MP3 player instead. Advice welcome even though I am clearly very tech hip.


  1. I have an Ipod, I love it, I downkload music from Limewire and take it across to my Ipod site and then plug the Ipod in and download it onto the Ipod that way. Great stuff I reckon!!

  2. There is something called an iRiver, Andrew - they might be cheaper. But you can get a very decent iPod for under $200 these days. It depends on your definition of el cheapo?

    I love how you ask if black headphones will cost extra. Apple charges squillions for the white headphones, simply because they are white.

  3. PS: You don't put any small cd things into an iPod.

  4. You just put songs on to it (via a cord, which you plug into your computer) and away you go! Email me with queries for cheaper models - my brother is a wizz.

  5. "tech hip'? "tech hip"?

    I must be tech hip replacement ;(

    I have no idea how to help you sorry :(

  6. In answer to your question, Big W at QV does have el cheapo iPod style machines and mp3 players, same difference. You should be able to get a basic 1 gb player for about $100 or less.

  7. It is ok thanks Rosanna. I can find cheap. I am used to cheap. My performance demands are very low.

    Get your pc sound going Who Me and you may be on the way to tech hip.

    Oh Ben, I thought around $35. Might have to rethink this.