Monday, October 15, 2007


You think I am gonna write about evolution v. god made man and chicks? No.

Evolution is night club for straight people in Prahran and it is opposite a gay night club. It is a large place and maybe opens at midnight and closes at 10 or 11 in the morning.

In the local paper for the area which I often skim through there has been an ongoing discussion of night clubs in the area and their impact on local residents.

It does not sound great for them and I have sympathy. Being confronted by drugged people leaving venues when you are out morning shopping is not nice. But we go there shopping in the morning and I have never seen worse than Miss Candy outside a cafe using a very loud voice.

I cannot find a direct url link to Club Evolution. I will look them up in the phone book and give them a call. But tomorrow I will send emails to City of Stonnington and the Liquor Licensing Commision. It will be along the lines of below.

While going to Prahran Market for brunch this morning with two friends, my sister and her three month old baby, it was very disturbing to see a man yelling loudly at a taxi cab outside Club Evolution.

My sister lives in a regional area of Victoria and her opinion at the time was that there were good reasons why she wanted to bring up her daughter in the country.

The situation worsened when the man started kicking the side of the taxi and let out a stream of abuse. The taxi driver stopped and blocked all traffic and confronted the man and there was some pushing and shoving and much more abuse.

The guard outside the Market Hotel intervened to a point but when he started to receive blame from passers by, he backed off and clearly said that the troublesome man was a patron of Evolution and not the Market Hotel. This was already quite clear to me.

While I do appreciate that Prahran/South Yarra is an entertainment precinct, I do not like to see these things when I am at my local shops at 10.30 on a Sunday morning.

There is clearly a serious problem here.

Why weren't there guards from Evolution dealing with the situation?

In my opinion, once someone starts kicking a vehicle it is a police matter. Why weren't they called?

How can this venue continue to operate when they clearly cannot control their patrons? What next? A multiple night club murder as happened a few years ago, maybe this time in the middle of Commercial Road?


  1. There was something similar in the paper today, a very short blurb it was, saying that 400 peoplespilled out onto a pavement after a guy was Ko'd in a fight..the club closed down. These things sem to be getting either a)reported on more or b)ignored...or both.
    On the radio, on the way back from Bendigo last night,there was talk on what little the security staff can actually do in certain situations. No condoning of their lack of ability to call 000 when the need it certainly would have on this occasion.
    I agree with your sis and SIL, growing up in the country is great for kids..coming from a country kid myself :)

  2. I must be showing my age, but I can't follow why people need to still be out on the piss at 8-9-10 am. Especially when they obviously can't handle it. The club obviously wasn't worried too much about its responsible service of alcohol obligations ... maybe the licensing people should be enforcing those properly. If that was done, I think you'd struggle to find any pissed idiots around mid-morning.

  3. I saw that after I wrote the post Cazzie. I am guessing that it was closed but people were arriving expecting it to be open.

    I'm not sure about booze Ian. From what I see, they drink a lot of water in a club like that. They need to wash their pills down. But it is a valid point about responsible serving of alcohol.

  4. Oh boo! Now if you were drunk as well at 10am on Sunday morning, it all would have seemed perfectly normal!

    Yous turning into the fun police!!

    *runs away* :P

  5. I was at Evolution on Saturday night - fun times. Seriously. The club over the road (Circus - my haunt) offers recoveries on Sunday morning. Perhaps the man in question should've gone there instead!

  6. PS: Not too many pills in Evolution from where I stand, thank you very much.

  7. You are partly right Steph. I am pretty tolerant really and recognise I have had my fun too. But my fun never had the public impact that this is.

    Rosanna, I understand Evolution was shut down due to an assault on Sat night/Sun morn. It obviously does recoveries too. My guess now is the guy arrived and Evolution was closed and he needed a cab to go elsewhere. Circus must be the old Virgin Mary bar.

  8. Could he not have just gone to Revolting (-ver) with the rest of the filth? Silly man! Obviously needs a good dose of Market and Cicus in his life.

  9. Sad Non Blondie. He was a very nice looking guy of 'mediterranean appearance' and well dressed but clearly well pumped, hyped and aggro by whatever. Btw, what area of London are you living in? General is fine. (yes, I know I should back read)

  10. i went to evolution once

    i was the only white guy there

  11. Did you think of calling the police yourself?

  12. Firehorse, I enjoy your comments.

  13. Hi Andrew

    My parents used to tell stories of being out all night in their courtship days during the early 1950s at what they called 'balls'.

    We might call them 'raves' now. Since the sound of people clattering down a quiet residential street after a few bevvies can't have altered all that dramatically in the last fifty years, why is the sound of people going home from a night of fun so threatening now? My mother used to delight in telling me she'd be going home in her ball gown while other people were going to work.

    Since my father had been through WW2 and later self-declared as an alcoholic, I can't imagine that he and his friends weren't a little more than merry at 5am.

    What's changed?



  14. There's a trendy glossy free northern suburbs magazine called The Melbourne times which has about ten pages of articles and letters up front then about twenty-eight pages of houses for sale. The inner north (which it covers) is still undergoing gentrification, and aside from complaints about dogshit on footpaths -a latte horror, much of the magazine's news and letters are to do with the current war between residents and pubs. In one case new residents living in developed ap-a-a-artments next to a pub complained bitterly about the noise from there (what a joke). But noise and loud music from pubs late at night is the biggest complaint, plus condoms, syringes, vomit, and so on, which they claim to find on footpaths next morning, and which are probably as horrifying to their craniums as dogshit.

  15. It was a racial theme night Kiki? I noticed sometimes they have asian nights...or mornings.

    Ready to Firehorse and perhaps I should have but it did sort itself out. Perhaps I should have reported it at least.

    And supper dances too Pants? We know what has changed and while booze is and has always been a problem, drugs that make people so aggressive are the problem. The worst your parents might have done was to send a dust bin lid clattering.

    Totally agree RH. The Peel in Collingwood is a case in point. Ditto airports, race tracks etc.

  16. ignore stupid ppl. Evolution sounds like a great place btw.


  17. 'twas dinner dances in my day, Pants and Andrew, with Pimms#1, Black Tulip, Marsala and Porphyry Pearl by the barf bucket load.

    .. and proof sheets of photos (produced by the wannabe David Baileys and Helmut Newtons before we turned into pumpkins) from which we could order swish 8 X 10 B/Ws at a mere 20 guineas a pop.

    "Those were the days, my friend
    We thought they'd never end
    We'd sing and dance forever and a day
    We'd live the life we'd choose
    We'd fight and never lose
    Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days"

  18. Flemington Racecourse is at the end of my street and it's been interesting to observe the change since the racecourse-as-nightclub phenomenon of the last few years. From my point of view, it's really just more people. Generally, the people leaving the course at the end of a long day are happy and engage warmly with locals, as they always have. OktoberFest at the nearby Showgrounds was another matter.

  19. I am sure it is good inside Keshi but it has a reputation of attracting undesirables.

    Using a less formal address, you have a good memory for drinks Theresa. You left out Screwdriver which was my mother's tipple. You can help me with a future post about old drinks. Mary has a lot to answer for and I like the Irish Rovers version with slightly drunk band and a participating audience.

    Ah, so that is where you live Lad. There needs to be a police presence appropriate to the crowd and their mindset and attitudes.

  20. For something handed out free this Melbourne Times is marvellous value. There's a piece in September 26 issue about the Peel. It's run by a bloke called Mc Feely who reckons he's lost $80,000 in soundproofing and business turnover due to a debate about noise. There's also rumours his "beloved hotel" is closing down: "We are not being closed down, we are open, and urge all our regulars to keep supporting us."

    And what's more, the place is celebrating its 20th birthday in December. How's that.

    Wooh! I might take Miss Jahteh!

  21. I have never heard of Virgin Mary Bar?

  22. After catholic church challenged it in court, it became VMs. Then became another place. I think we are talking about the place on the corner of Commercial Road and the lane that leads to the Prahran Market. Nice rooftop......finally after many rooftop renos.