Friday, October 19, 2007

Dame M tale #44

It wasn't me who asked but it was interesting to hear all the same. One of the Mountain Women asked Dame M why they, Dame M and her late husband sold their holiday house at Newhaven, named WitsEnd.

Dame M's home business was just getting going. As well as her work and looking after her large house, on weekends she went down to the holiday house where her husband was living. She would take him down prepared food for the coming week and food for the weekend. She would water the garden, clean the house and do washing. Her husband had started to drink a lot at this time.

Her husband bought another house down the street and so she had to water there too. Water restrictions were put in place and she could only water after seven in the evening, at the exact time the mosquitoes started to descend.

One weekend she when she arrived on a Friday night, her husband was very drunk. They went off to a function at the local yacht club and it was 'ladies bring a plate'. She had prepared some great food and she was handing it around and thought to offer it to her husband first. He dismissed her with a wave of the hand as you would a servant. She walked over to the external balcony where some kids were playing. 'Here kids, eat up'. And they did in seconds.

She started to walk back to Newhaven but an acquaintance saw her and gave her a lift. She waited until her husband returned home and said only this. 'I am going home and I am not coming back'.

She went home to St Kilda at that very late hour and never returned to WitsEnd. Not long after her husband sold the two houses and returned home.

PS As per the link to Dame M's business, her embroidery machine is called a Cornelli. It is very specialised. When she gave us a demo, I could not believe the speed of the machine and with both hands, a foot and a leg working at the same time. Concentration level 100% plus and as mentioned, there was a six year apprenticeship.


  1. Dame M is a woman with spunk. I would like her, I think!

  2. Well named "WitsEnd" by the sounds of things ;)

  3. She is indeed Daisy Jo. It is hard to imagine now, but I reckon her husband controlled her quite a bit.

    Her grown step children hated the name Who Me, but she liked it.