Thursday, October 18, 2007

Da Ipod

In spite of a reno of the computer, the usb ports are old and weren't happy to recognise my new Ipod Shuttle. I persist. It seems the order of plug in matters. It took me a while but eventually I worked it out and the program had scanned my computer and picked up all my music and then I loaded it onto my Ipod.

I look at this weird little thing, no more than 3cm by 2cm and wonder how it can produce such a good sound at volume. I would guess that all my pc music only took up about a tenth of its capacity. I need more music. I quickly got bored.

For young people, this is all probably second nature. For me it is very new.

I am impressed with my Ipod Shuttle. Love Shack never sounded so good.


  1. LOL :)

    go the B52's

  2. Pretty good weren't they Mercboi.