Friday, October 19, 2007

Communication is resumed

My mobile was where the chap said it would be, at the reception of the Vibe Hotel in Little Collins Street. I was there before nine this morning and collected it from the pleasant reception chappie. No name, so cannot reward. I unblocked it with my phone company when I returned home and it worked immediately.

Before I unblocked it, I sent a text to R from a public phone box. I don't think it worked.

It was certainly different being in the city at that time of day. People moved together like a well oiled machine, unlike later in the day where shoppers, wanderers and people with purpose collide.

I am not out in the streets early very often but it is quite pleasant especially as the weather was so much nicer today.


  1. Shite! You really did have a bad day yesterday didn't you?

    Told ya tomorrow (today) would be better didn't I? And that was before I realised how bad your day actually was!

  2. Yes, I lost my phone last year and then I got to return the favour of returning aq lost phonea few weeks ago at our local shops, it makes you feel good to know people do sometimes hand things in.

  3. You were right Who Me. It couldn't have been much worse anyway.

    Yes Cazzie. It is a good thing to do. Unless you are a professional phone techie or phone thief, they aren't much use to anyone anyway are they. I have handed in a few in my time.