Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Childhood Friends

My mother still has friends who she met during her teenage years. One, who's husband is a retired Anglican Archbishop, is moving from Brisbane to the Northern Territory. Because they will be extremely busy in the lead up to christmas and they want to let people know of their change of address, they have already sent out christmas cards. Christmas cards in October indeed.

A couple of years ago when we were on holiday in the Northern Territory, we drove through the town where they are going to settle. I always thought the name was very odd and perhaps even that the place was mythical.

But no, Humpty Doo is a real place with a not so real large boxing crocodile.

Pic courtesty wotif.com


  1. Okay, I'll bite, why a boxing crocodile? Talk about culture cringe.

  2. There are certainly plenty of crocs nearby but not sure why they would box.

  3. I think my dad was in a near-riot there in 1942. No beer, no pay, no leave and an apparently imminent Japanese invasion made our diggers very restless. Well, they just tore all of the tin off the Officer's Mess Nissen Hut but they managed to get their point across.

  4. Robyn & I met someone from Humpty Doo once... he acted as strange as the name of the town sounds.

  5. No wonder the British did not like the disrespectful Aussie soldiers Lad.

    NT is full of people who are a little different shall we say Jo. Seems to attract them.