Thursday, October 18, 2007

Call me now

Call me, call me now, so goes the slogan on late night tv for sex hookup phone lines. Well don't call me as I have lost my phone.

My day started very badly and went downhill from there. I am not normally a person of extreme emotions. We had a nice meal out last night and came home and watched some tv. I did not stay up too late, but I woke in an absolutely foul mood. No sooner had I sat at the pc and I was ready to kick its mother to blithereens.

Need to go out for a few things. I also need decent coffee. I need to take recyclables downstairs. Decide to go out for coffee and return, then take recyclables down and go off to shops.

I get to ground floor and realise I had forgotten a newspaper to read with coffee across the road. Return back upstairs. Decide I will just combine all. Take recyclables down, keep plastic bags as we are short and have coffee across road. One table left outside, spilt coffee on chair and table. Swap chair and sit at dirty table. Roadworks nearby and table is covered in grit. A nasty strong wind is blowing, carrying grit, pollen, seeds, tiny flowers. Horrible.

Go to bus stop with newspaper, wallet, phone and a scrunched up plastic bag in the one I am carrying. Just missed a bus. It was warm and I did not feel like getting on the approaching hot old tram. The wind was gusting even more strongly. The plastic bag I was holding filled with wind and the one inside whipped out and took off in a southerly direction. Another tram arrived but I could see a bus in the distance.

Caught bus, did what I had to do in Prahran without hanging around but as I was walking back to the bus stop...............where is my phone? Stomach sinks, feeling of panic. Walk back to supermarket but it was not there.

Bus home and I suddenly thought, ring my phone when I get home. Duh, how long did it take me to think of that.

The third time I tried, it was answered. It was not convenient for the finder for me to pick up my phone now. He is staying a city hotel and will leave it at reception when he returns to the hotel late tonight. I was hardly in a position to argue.

R assures me young people lose their phones all the time. In maybe fourteen years, I have never lost my phone. It is open a vein stuff for me. I thought I probably dropped in Prahran, but after more thought, I think I dropped it at the bus stop at home and if fell in gravel and I did not hear it fall. Bloody wind. And it makes more sense that the person found it in St Kilda Road since he is saying at an expensive city hotel. Unlikely that he would be in a Prahran side street.

Wish me luck when I front up at hotel reception early in the morning to collect it. I am not convinced it will be there.

Btw, I have put a temporary bar on the phone.


  1. I hate days like that, specially when you wake up in a bad mood and know what the rest of the day is going to be like.

    I'm always leaving my phone around, at mum's, in the car etc but have never actually managed to lose it, yet.

  2. Thankfully it was only one day Jo. I am fine today.

  3. God, I hate it when I lose things. I used to search for things for hours, and then I decided all the time I was wasting looking for things would be better spent organizing so I wouldn't have to keep searching.

    Life is better now.

  4. It's the wind Andrew ... Makes me angry, everything is so much harder (and who can hear something drop in the middle of a gale?)

    The good news is that a sunny-skies Friday has to be a better day. Enjoy

  5. So you are now organised Daisy Jo, but weren't before. Leopard changing spots?
    Heya Viv. Welcome. It is very nice outside today.