Monday, October 29, 2007

Blog advice

At some point in the distant past I started to get spam posts to my blog. I switched on word verification for comments and they were no more. Then a bit later a there were complaints from some readers about trouble with word verification.

I was sure it was going to be the end of the earth, but I switched word verification off. I did not get any spam comments.

So just some gentle advice. Try turning off word verification and you may not get spam and it makes your blog a bit more friendly.


  1. I'm always shocked when the end of the world doesn't come. I've been expecting it to since I was a child.

  2. So you are always pleasantly surprised that it doesn't Daisy Jo.

  3. When I was living in the Highett commission flats (low rise) a bloke and a little girl were knocking on doors forecasting the end of the world. The bloke had a guitar, and was finally offering to sing a little religious song. My daughter (aged seven) who was riding her bike outside, joined up with them and sang along as well. She didn't know what it was about, but thought they were busking. So when they got to my door she yelped "Don't go there, that's my dad's house, he won't give you any money!"

    Well it made me laugh, but she was right, I've never given buskers a penny.

  4. Have you seen this very cute catchpa that uses images of dogs and cats (apparently very difficult for computer to distinguish):

  5. Count on one hands the number of times I have RH.

    That is pretty cool Altissima. Thanks for the links.

  6. If you google 'Highett commission flats' the information there is wrong, the flats shown -at the cnr of Bluff and Wickham rds, are in fact the Sandringham/Hampton flats where I'd lived previously. The Highett flats are a few kilometres east down Wickham road, near Highett station. And very good they were too, modern little terraces with front and back yards.
    That's where I became a bourgeois, making loads of dough at Camberwell market. Well I had to do something, lighting a fire under my own bum was the beginning.

  7. I wasn't at Highett very long but it was action-packed, a woman in another flat pursued me and finally molested me. She forced me to have sexual intercourse with her. The daughter of another woman was in pursuit of me as well. But mind you, my transformation as a bourgeois upon arrival was poorly received, I got eggs thrown at my windows during the first few weeks -until I let it be known that I liked the Country n' Western music being blasted from a place on the corner, whereupon they decided I was okay.
    The best advice about living in commission flats is not to keep to yourself, it's profoundly resented.

    Smile a lot and say hello. And look a bit stupid.

  8. I heard on Radio National last night that a new version of this image verification system will appear soon.

    The difference will be that two words will need to be typed in. One will be a security word to make sure a human is doing the typing and the other will be a word from one of the millions of books that need to be digitized.

    This way we will all play a part in uploading the world's great books. Might as well use the time for something useful.

    P.S. Just noticed I'm on your bloglist. Thanks, I am priviledged :)

  9. Food for thought Robert.

  10. And I suppose some super computer collates them LiD. Your blog is good. You may live to regret the addition though.

  11. Sounds ominous!

    Thanks for the compliment. Personally, I think your blog is excellent.

    I expect the collation would be done by a super computer.

    The words we will be entering are those that a computer couldn't recognise with over 90% confidence so the plan is to get a number of humans to type in the tricky words to keep a high level of accuracy. I love it. Computers have confidence. Who knew?