Sunday, September 30, 2007

History in front of you

Tramwalker recently took one of his many walks, this time along Dandenong Road. I don't blame him for preferring to walk along Wellington Street, St Kilda rather than Queens Way (St Kilda Junction underpass).

It is hard to believe, but once there was no Queens Way and all traffic went along Wellington Street, including trams. The two dominant houses on the left of the picture are still there.

While I can barely distinguish a modern Ford Falcon from a Holden Commodore, the cars from left are a baby Fiat, and HD or HR Holden ute, an AP5 or AP6 Valiant, half hidden by the tram and in the distance looks to be an FB Holden station wagon, an XK Falcon, an EJ or EH Holden and a VW Beetle that I would guess to be a very new model.

While the trams are long gone from Wellington Street, perhaps almost as many cars use it now as back then. There is an obvious sign that trams used to travel along the street. The steel tram overhead wire support poles are still there. These poles are still in many streets in Melbourne where tram used to travel.

If you are familiar with the inner western burbs, have a look at the poles that support electric wires in say Victoria Street Footscray, south of the station, Charles Street, Gamon Street and Somerville Road to Williamstown Road. Many of them are steel poles that used support tram wires.


  1. Charles Street, Victoria Street, etc, I'm around there all the time. Thanks for this, it's enormously interesting.

  2. I love old pics of Melb.

    I spend a lot of time trawling

    just entering your street name sometimes gets a good result.

    mwah mwah

  3. Pity there is only poles left RH and not a tram to transport you.

    I have had a bit of a play with pictureaustralia too Ann, but not for awhile. I must revisit it.